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After wasting a solid two weeks of the legislature’s time with a raft of gun grab bills that had no business seeing the light of day, the DFL is back at it.

Michael Paymar is pushing a rights-crushing omnibus gun bill so obnoxious it needs to be handled with tongs – a bill that punishes the law-abiding first, and worries about criminals…uh, they’ll get back to you on that.

In the meantime, the House GOP will be announcing an alternative bill later today – one that goes after criminals, and leaves the rights of the law-abiding citizen where they belong.

There’s work to be done, of course.

Call your representative – yep, again – and tell ’em Paymar bill bad, GOP bill good.

And call the members of the House Public Safety Finance Committee and tell them that the Paymar bill isn’t fit to wipe the hindquarters of a sick goat on a 100 degree day.

Via GOCRA, here’s the contact info for the committee, along with some commentary on each individual committee member:

Let’s show Rep. Paymar’s that Minnesotans oppose his assault on our rights by defeating his bill in his own committee. Ask them to SAY NO to the Paymar bill (HF237) and SAY YES to the GOCRA-approved alternate bill.


Representative Michael Paymar (DFL) – Chairman
You can suggest that Rep. Paymar simply scrap his bill and sign on to the alternate bill.


Representative Paul Rosenthal (DFL) – Vice Chairman



Rep. Rosenthal authored HF294, which would gut the civil rights protections of Minnesota’s Permit to Carry Law by allowing sheriffs to deny permits on the weakest of grounds. Tell him he should be working to punish criminals, not law-abiding citizens.


Representative Tony Cornish (R) – Republican Lead



Give Rep. Cornish a big THANK YOU for his strong support of your rights!


 Representative Debra Hilstrom (DFL)



Thank Rep. Hilstrom for her strong rejection of registration schemes, as well as magazine and rifle bans, and thank her for supporting the alternate bill. (One newspaper has reported that she will be the alternate bill’s chief author!)


 Representative Brian Johnson (R)



Rep. Johnson is new at the legislature this year, and will be under a lot of pressure to cave to gun control. Tell him to stand firm for our rights.


 Representative Tim Kelly (R)



Thank Rep. Kelly for his consistent votes for gun rights.


Representative Andrea Kieffer (R)



Rep. Kieffer has been a strong voice in the fight for your rights, and deserves your thanks.


 Representative John Lesch (DFL)


Remind Rep. Lesch that “equal protection” means just that — city folks have the same civil rights as country folks.


 Representative Kathy Lohmer (R)


Please thank Rep. Lohmer for her strong support of your rights!


 Representative Joe Mullery (DFL)



Rep. Mullery has been an opponent of gun rights for a long time. Remind him that if we work together, we can improve mental health and conviction reporting, and make our existing laws work better.


 Representative Jim Newberger (R)



Rep. Newberger is a strong supporter of your gun rights. Thank him for staying strong.


Representative Shannon Savick (DFL)



Rep. Savick is a rural DFLer who needs to be reminded that her constituents will not tolerate new gun control.


 Representative Dan Schoen (DFL)



Remind Rep. Schoen that as a police officer, he knows who the real bad guys are: they’re not the law-abiding Minnesota gun owners, and they won’t follow new gun control laws any more than they follow the existing ones.


Representative Steve Simon (DFL)



Rep. Simon is a smart, principled lawyer: he knows that the Supreme Court has affirmed the right to keep and bear arms as an individual right. He also knows that stripping due processdoesn’t make us more free or more safe. But you can remind him anyway!


Representative Erik Simonson (DFL)



Rep. Simonson is a new representative. Remind him that gun control is DFL Kryptonite: it has cost the House its DFL majority before, and it will again.


Representative Linda Slocum (DFL)



Representative Slocum is a co-author on several gun control bills this session.  Tell her that focusing on the bad guys, not law-abiding gun owners, is the place to start.


Representative Mark Uglem (R)



Remind Rep. Uglem that the Second Amendment is not about hunting — it is a fundamental human, civil and Constitutional right, worthy of the strongest protection.


Representative John Ward (DFL)


Thank Rep. Ward for his past support of your gun rights and encourage him to continue to do so.

The way I read this, it breaks down to 6 gun grabbers, 9 pro-Second-Amendment voters, and 3 up in the air – Simon, Schoen and Savick.

You know your job.

2 thoughts on “More Work To Do

  1. This, regarding this topic, from a weasel from the MinnPost, is the kind of lying assholes we’re dealing with:

    “At noon at the Capitol, Hilstrom, standing with Hennepin County Sheriff Richard Stanek and Rep. Tony Cornish, the gun-toting legislator from Good Thunder, introduced a gun bill that she said “can bring people together’’ on the volatile subject of guns.”

    “Despite the fact that it’s a bill that authors hoped would unite people, it seems to be dividing. Yes, there was a mix of Republican and DFL representatives standing with Hilstrom, Cornish and Stanek. But there were no law-enforcement organizations represented at the news conference where the proposal was unveiled. There also were no DFL senators, though presumably the bill will be as attractive to outstate senators as it appears to be to many outstate DFL representatives.”

    A commentator lays the bullshit out for all to see:

    “Did you not see the four Sheriffs, including Stanek, Olson, and Hartog, standing in front, representing the Minnesota Sheriffs Association, which does indeed support the bill?

    Here’s the video. You can hear Sheriff Stanek say that he is speaking for the Sheriffs Association.”

    Spread the truth.

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