Announcing My New Business

I officially announce the start of a new, awesome business.

Because the market is so really really hot these days, I think I’m going to make it a gun manufacturer.

Our first design will likely be a semi-auto only license-build of the classic Heckler and Koch HK91.   I’m going to call it the “Paymar”.

The “Berg Mark 1 Paymar”, a licence-built copy of the HK91.

A great design – like a Gull-Wing Mercedes – is hard to improve on.

And while we have yet to produce our first actual rifle for our showroom on University Avenue (which we got dirt cheap thanks to the light rail construction), we already have a policy; no sales to state or federal governments that pass laws infringing the Second Amendment.  Bazinga.  Nothing.

And the company outlet store – which, as I envision it, will also have a cash bar and a shooting range -but not in that order?  We will have one policy; law-abiding shooters are welcome!

OK, so maybe the business is still a pipe dream – I have yet to assemble my first firearm of any type.

But if you are a shooter friendly store, let us know.  And get the sticker.

Have you seen how we swarm the legislature?  Imagine that kind of traffic coming through your door.

Just saying.

And if you know any Second Amendment friendly businesses?  Pass the word.

3 thoughts on “Announcing My New Business

  1. Just out of curiosity Mitch, what will your MSRP be on that fine weapon? 😉

  2. For us complete ignoramuses on the subject, why is the Paymar better than the original? If I had to flash a weapon at an intruder, the original looks a lot more formidable.

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