Ryan Hands Barack Obama his….well, you know.

Did you see this?

Hiding spending does not reduce spending

…it’s everywhere, but you have to see Ryan’s calm but complete takedown of the President and his policies regarding health care reform.

5 thoughts on “Ryan Hands Barack Obama his….well, you know.

  1. “Hiding spending doesn’t reduce spending” – wow, that’s news.I would have thought it did, I mean, it sure did for 6 years while Bush called the entire Iraq war “off budget.”

  2. And Peev once more employs the old “I know you are but what am I?” argument. Bravo, Peev. Bravo.

  3. HJR 114, the joint resolution authorizing Bush to use military force to enforce UN sanctions against Iraq, passed with wide bi-partisan support (296-133 in the house, 77-23 in the senate). The Dems apparently hope to use reconciliation to force through Obama care with just a vote or two to spare — in a year they are widely viewed as having lost the mandate of the People.
    Penigma, you don’t understand politics at all. You should quit commenting on political matters until you do understand politics.

  4. The Peevish Boy is too much of a yellow belly to actually criticize The Obama.

    How long will her BDS last?

    Terry, the sheeple don’t need to actually understand, they just follow along…

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