If You Are Reading This…

…and are in Hawaii or the western US, good heavens, get away from the beach.

Here’s the Tsunami Energy Map, from the Tsunami warning center.

That looks like a long, ugly red line running from San Diego all the way to the Aleutians…

And people think we’re crazy in the Midwest living around tornados.

UPDATE:  The danger has apparently passed without major damage in Hawaii and up and down the West Coast.

3 thoughts on “If You Are Reading This…

  1. Maybe a 3 foot surge at Coconut Island in Hilo Bay. It went on for some time though, a minute or two between surges.

  2. I called my brother in Hilo, Saturday morning; it was about 5:30 am his time. I say “Get up bro, tsunami comin’!” He says “No cuz’, I already wen investigate; no tsunami come ’till 11:00; call me back 10:30.”

    I say “What about all those stinkin’ mutts you got, don’t you want to move them?” He says “No need…they float, they sweem.”

    So I say, “Yeah, but how about your buds?” (He’s got a permit to grow for medicinal use) He says “No shit! Mama, get up and make some spam and eggs, we got to get the ‘sisters’ in da car!”

    Frickin’ Kanaka’s.

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