Are you old enough to remember when our Expert Class (TM) sicced it’s PR machine, and Big Left’s army of howler monkeys, from Stephen Colbert down to its horde of demi-human twitterbots, on anyone who expressed even ambivalence about Ivermectin?

“Hahaha, he’s peddling horse medicine!” was about the level and extent of the discourse?

Are you that old?

If you’re a toddler, yes – you are.

If you’re older than a toddler, you remember the “expert” response – from the ridicule…

…to the regulators:

But never mind history; they’re trying to change that:

“Hey, it’s not our fault if you took all that gaslighting and all those insults seriously! We’re the FDA, maaaaan”.

Don’t get gaslit.

48 thoughts on “Countergaslight

  1. Looking forward to the GOP holding simultaneous hearings on why there’s a civil right to horse paste to cure cancer but the pill must be banned.

  2. Ha! It figures that Bot Boy tries to deflect from his ignorance on ivermectin and for touting the party line. Sorry, Emery. You can’t fix stupidity as ingrained as yours and there are no mulligans.

  3. I remember seeing the breathless articles saying “this and that does not work”, followed closely by efforts to silence those who wanted to give it a try, and the thought I had was “I wonder if they really found it didn’t work, or whether they simply didn’t have an adequate sample size to test the hypothesis.”

    Reminds me of the same kind of thing a decade or so back regarding abstinence based sex ed, where tests of the hypothesis called things abstinence that were not, and (my favorite) failed to include any statistical test or even a control. But because they’d strategically decided that “abstinence based sex ed does not work” was the null hypothesis, it was retained.

    There is a tendency, it seems, to play games with statistical studies this way, and we are the poorer for it. I don’t know for sure that ivermectin (or hydroxychloroquine) works regarding COVID (or not), but I do know that the quick political “crushing” of those theoretically on the wrong side of the studies seems to indicate that these games were indeed being played.

  4. Quoting myself from a comment on Ivermectin made Sep 11 this year. Note the calm tone, the expert analysis, the coherence with which I put forth my point, which was why is the Left obsessed with people using a drug less dangerous than tylenol?
    Like so many of my comments, it seems eerily prescient now.
    Ultra Maga Mammuthus Primigenesis on September 11, 2022 at 12:33 pm said:
    The obsession of the Left with ivermectin is really weird. It’s a well known drug, thoroughly tested on humans for decades. It has a few possible side effects, but far less than many OTC drugs. If it does nothing, it is about as harmful as taking a tylenol when you don’t have a headache. The advice the CDC gave people who tested positive for covid was do nothing & go to the ER if you start having trouble breathing or your fever got too high for too long. The CDC literally had no alternative treatment.
    Yet the hatred that the American Left has for ivermectin and doctors who prescribe it is off the scale psychotic, especially since on other topics, they seem horrified of the political state inserting itself in the doctor/patient relationship.

  5. Typical Lefty: “Men can have babies and menstruate! And women can have a penis! Also, ivermectin is useless against covid! If you think otherwise you hate science!”
    Lol, there should be a word for when people are so stupid that it is impossible for them to even imagine how stupid they are.

  6. One of the shameful legacies of Covid-19: Far-right platforms spreading health myths….

    U of M study: Ivermectin not an effective treatment for COVID-19

    Ivermectin does not prevent or treat viral infectious respiratory disease in animals. It’s been around for decades and is cheap. If it worked in animals, including those who get infected with coronaviruses, it would be used in that capacity already.

  7. U of M Study
    paid for by grants, administered by Fauci, from a government that is adamant in their assertion that ivermectin is ineffective – Of course I’ll believe them! They are government paid experts after all.

  8. There you are, AGAIN, Bot Boy. Citing left wing media, who quotes left wing U of M sycophants.
    Sorry, numb nuts, but your pathetic efforts to prove yourself right, which is stupid in itself, still foment left wing lies about alternative treatments, that unlike the death jabs, are cheap AND effective, just like hydroxichloroquine. They pushed the death jabs to get their kick backs, aided and abetted by money grubbing health care slugs and useful idiots like you, got scammed. All of you morons that voted for DemoCommies after they played you for fools, deserve ridicule and vitriol. Sucker!

  9. Mac;
    I guarantee you that had Trump said NOT to try ivermectin and hydroxichloroquine, the gullible DemoCommies would have been mobbing their doctors and Fleet Farm stores to get it.

  10. Aw, c’mon, you guys. Don’t screw up one of the Emerys’ applications to assist the FDA in their court case. He’s gonna be a hero!

  11. ^^ Ivermectin is the signature example of Idiocracy trumping health

    A virus is not a worm — does the alt-right understand the difference? What would Mr. Ed think? Seems kinda crazy.

  12. ^ So, why aren’t you helping on the FDA’s court case? And why are they changing or recharacterizing their recommendations from a year ago?

  13. Covid myths:
    -Being vaccinated will prevent you from contracting covid.
    -Being vaccinated will prevent you from transmitting covid.
    -Wearing a cloth face covering will prevent you from contracting covid.
    -Wearing a cloth face covering will prevent you from transmitting covid.
    All of these covid myths were spread by the government and the media, 2021-2022. They were lies. Their was no science backing them up.
    Emery did everything that he could to spread these lies and disinformation, just as Emery did everything he could to spread the lies and disinformation that Trump had conspired with Putin to steal the 2016 presidential election from Hillary.
    Emery does not even bother to deny his lies. I suppose that this is because Emery is a troll, what Rush Limbaugh called a “seminar caller.” A seminar caller is instructed to always attack, and never, ever, defend things you are on record of having said. Your job is not to clarify public discourse, but to pollute and distort it.

  14. there are no double blind studies proving that uttar pradesh province was made covid free by giving everyone invermectin

    therefore the complete lack of any covid cases in a province containing more people than the entire united states cannot possibly have been due to taking ivermectin

    instead the effect must have been due to the vaccine working in that province in a way it never worked anywhere else in the world, to prevent people from getting the virus and prevent them from spreading it

    since we refused to study the medicine therefore the medicine cannot have been the cure

  15. I recall the FDA tweet and my thoughts at the time (being a first order grammar nazi) was to wonder why a Federal agency would use a quaint but ridiculous contraction like some kind of hick. I get it, I live in the South now and everyone talks that way. But anyone not born in the ghetto or the South advertises himself as a classless fool by saying “Y’all.”

  16. It’s interesting how the narrative changed. First Covid didn’t exist, then it wasn’t a serious disease, now it’s taking some random alternative drug that has no proven record of doing anything against Covid as a solution.

    It’s entirely devoid of logic and based only on the tribal idea that the other side must be wrong, and therefore we will believe in any unfounded dumb @ss idea that seems to be the opposite of what the other side says.

    This is pretty grim, but there is a sort of humor to sheeple taking medicine for sheep. Because viruses are like parasites, only tiny.

  17. ^ Not one single fact is mentioned. No articles and no references either. Add to that a couple of out and out lies and ad homs. All delivered with the appearance of complete confidence. A textbook example of pure unadulterated rhetoric from Lala-land.

  18. so many lies in such little space

    nobody said the existence of covid was a hoax we said democrat claims that everyone was going to die unless lockdown was a hoax

    nobody said covid wasnt a serious disease for those affected we said it was a bad flu which targeted frail elderly and not the population at large so general lockdown was the wrong response

    ivermectin is not a random drug it has been widely used for decades and has a proven record including antiviral effects on RNA viruses such as Zika, dengue, yellow fever, West Nile, Hendra, Newcastle, Venezuelan equine encephalitis, chikungunya, Semliki Forest, Sindbis, Avian influenza A, Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome, Human immunodeficiency virus type 1, and severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2. Furthermore, there are some studies showing antiviral effects of ivermectin against DNA viruses such as Equine herpes type 1, BK polyomavirus, pseudorabies, porcine circovirus 2, and bovine herpesvirus 1.

    ivermectin has no proven track record against covid because covid researchers cannot get funding to study it because FDA refuses to approve the funding. that decision says more about the politics of FDA funding than about the effectiveness of any particular remedy

    the real objection is that the fda approved vaccine costs $130.00 per dose whereas ivermectin taken before infection, in combination with vitamin d and zinc, can minimize covid symptoms for $0.05 per dose. nobody makes any money off that.

  19. ^ An excellent rejoinder that will have no effect whatsoever. The ignorance, the stupidity, or the money is just too good.

  20. It’s the hate that is the real goal of the anti-ivermectin people, the desire to claim that other people are not smart enough to make their own medical decisions so those decisions have to be made for them by people like you.
    I know people who believe that wearing a copper bracelet helps with their arthritis. The science says that they are wrong, but I don’t treat those people as contemptible and dehumanize them because they believe something I think is wrong.
    That is normal human behavior. The hatred and contempt that Emery has for people who believe differently than he does is not normal human behavior, it is another symptom of his mental illness.

  21. Ivermectin has a long history of human use as a treatment for parasites which is why we also give it to livestock as it is known to be effective.

    Not for respiratory viruses. Reading the comments, I suggest “Y’all” sign up for a course on science.

    Einstein got a Nobel for the photoelectric effect. Doesn’t make swallowing light bulbs a good idea.

  22. ^ “rhetorical” only? you forgot hypocritic, nonsensical, non sequitur and fallacious. I ignore bots’ tl;dr but doubt they changed.

  23. What about Brawndo. Will that work? I hear its got what plants crave.

    To be clear, this doesn’t mean I can’t use equine steroids on my youth ski team, correct? Cause that train has already left the station.

  24. Golfdoc opined: But anyone not born in the ghetto or the South advertises himself as a classless fool by saying “Y’all.”

    Y’ betcha doc!

    And then doesn’t all that “yes ma’am,” and “yes sir” drive ya nuts too, then?
    Luckily for them, there’s piles of sophisticates pouring in from the North to teach the rubes their errors of their ways.

    Heck, I bet you have Drag Queen library day up there in Durham now, don’cha?

  25. Say woolly — Rush Limbaugh pushed his political agenda, and took calls from like-minded people who “make him look good.” His words, not mine. Rush Limbaugh also called this manufactured hate, and said it was a profitable business model.

  26. ^^Gibberish again.
    Y’know, the World Health Organization says one person in 8 worldwide suffers from mental health disorders, such as anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, PTSD, and schizophrenia.
    Lecturing people you do not know about ivermectin will cure none of them.

  27. Say rAT? Limbaugh was referring to idiots. See, it’s funny when idiots call in to nationally syndicated radio shows; millions laugh…good for revenue. He’d have put you right at the top of the call queue 10/10, because there’s no idiot like a drunken idiot.

  28. @ woolly — The contrarian angle is a good catch. It may also be a sign that we have more of a mental health crisis than we could have possibly imagined. I am curious how the conversation goes from “I’m not worried about Covid-19, it’s only the flu” to “yeah give me some deworming medicine”.

    The Onion can send their writers home.

  29. Emery wrote:
    . I am curious how the conversation goes from “I’m not worried about Covid-19, it’s only the flu” to “yeah give me some deworming medicine”.
    Mitch’s post was about ivermectin.
    I do actually wonder how anyone as stupid as Emery can live. You would think that it would be constant struggle to avoid gargling with battery acid or pounding nails into his own head.

  30. I do actually wonder how anyone as stupid as Emery can live.

    Dewer’s gin, and plenty of it. Consistent sedation

  31. UMMP, we have family dinner every Sunday. Week before last, we were discussing the nasty clots being found in cadavers, and all the people dropping dead….my SIL, a very smart woman who is the Director of HR at a large company suddenly started crying. I knew immediately. “They forced you to get the juice, didn’t they?” I asked. “Yes, and now I don’t know what to do. It’s like the sword of Damocles over me.” She answered.

    These motherfuckers will pay; one way or the other.

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  33. Woolly wrote: “Vaccinated people now make up a majority of covid deaths”

    We’re doing this again, now? If the population were 100% vaccinated, 100% of COVID-19 deaths would be among the vaccinated. There would just be a lot fewer deaths overall. Gee, math is hard.

    100% of people who consume water or breath oxygen die. We must stop people from doing this or do the benefits outweigh the risks? Pick up a stats book.

  34. Are we doing this again?
    Emery on August 6, 2022 at 9:35 am said:
    2+ years on and people still don’t know the basics.

    I don’t recall anyone ever saying you won’t get COVID-19 if you get vaccinated. That is what anti-vaxxers would want you to believe. The mRNA vaccine was always meant to reduce the chance of serious illness (especially hospitalizations). It is doing exactly what scientists have claimed it would do.

  35. “If folks get their updated vaccines and they get treated if they have a breakthrough infection, we can prevent essentially every COVID death in America. That is a remarkable fact.”
    White House Covid-19 Coordinater Dr. Ashish Jha, November 22, 2022.
    That was just last Tuesday.

    In October about a thousand fully vaxxed & boosted hospital admissions for covid in the US, and 76 of those vaxxed and boosted cases resulted in death.

  36. Because holidays are known to be extra fun days to humiliate Emery,
    Here is a thread where Emery has comments praising the factual content of the Steele Dossier AND a second comment casting doubt on the veracity of the Hunter Biden laptop:
    What an amazing twofer! Wrong on two comments in one thread,

  37. ramsey county commissioner victoria reinhardt expressed her support for the mandatory employee covid vaccine policy and compared it to other government regulations designed to protect the public

    “We have speed limits,” Reinhardt said. “There are all kinds of mandates meant to protect other people. That’s what this is. This isn’t about personal freedom. This is about keeping people alive.”

    telling people to get the vaccine and not ivermectin was not simply a recommendation it was a pronouncement from the temple high priest fauci speaking from the mount of SCIENCE which was relied on by employers who adopted mandatory vaccine policies and dismissed employees who would not comply

  38. Dr. Scott Atlas On Fauci Legacy: Used Children As Shields, Created Psychological Damage & Destroyed Trust In Public Health
    . . .
    I think we should talk about Dr. Fauci’s legacy if I have a minute because he has a very important legacy. Number one, he presided over the biggest failure in public health history over two different presidential administrations.
    Number two, his policies were implemented and those policies shifted the burden of this illness from the affluent to the poor, and incurred massive harm on our children, psychological damage, long-lasting damage, an obesity crisis, and we really haven’t seen tip of the iceberg on that damage to children, and again, worse on low income and poor kids.
    And thirdly and perhaps most importantly, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, his underling, and many other people at the CDC and talking heads on TV have destroyed trust in public health. We have a huge challenge as a country to fix what happened in his wake.
    . . .

    Atlas blames the fed’s knuckling under to Fauci and Birx on Trump. Atlas says that Trump put Pence in charge of the federal response to covid, and Pence, who knew that he had been handed a hot potato, simply did whatever Fauci and Birx told him to do so he would not be held responsible for covid deaths and fallout from the lockdowns. Atlas said that this is how we ended up with decisions intimately tied to democracy and civil rights being made by ignorant and unaccountable bureaucrats.

  39. 1,104,429 million Covid deaths in the US.

    Atlas shrugged.

    I suspect Stanford University is not pleased that one of their faculty was gaining national attention for spouting non-science.

  40. Emery’s blather machine is redlined at 3200 RPM!
    He is just dominating the “demonstrate my failures” space!

  41. Person who is wrong about everything hates it when people stop him from retconning.
    You can see Emery’s attempt to retcon foiled with my @ 5:41.

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