From Minneapolis Crime Watch – one of the tiny fringe of feeds that make Twitter worthwhile – yesterday:

That’s right – if you’re a 98 pound woman, and you get bodily tossed from y our car by a coulpe of 250 pound White Supremacists who theaten to curb stomp you to death, and you don’t report a gun, the MPD isn’t nallowed to pursue.

The other side of the Looking Glass called, and asked Minneapolis to dial back the crazy.

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  1. White Supremacists

    Oh no, the MPD can always relentlessly pursue that sort of offender.

  2. Given that the rightful owner of the car no doubt had immediate fear of death or grievous bodily harm, could not reasonably retreat, and had no lesser force available, one has to wonder precisely how many dead gang-bangers the MPD is willing to cart away because they won’t do their job. The left forgets so quickly that when the police aren’t doing their job, the public starts renting “Dirty Harry” and takes copious notes, so to speak.

  3. Keep in mind, if you are good, moral person who believes in Dr. Fauci and Black Lives Matter, you won’t get car-jacked.

    It’s kinda like the plague during the Middle Ages, only sinners got sick.

  4. Lowry and Lyndale is an area plagued by middle-aged White Methodist men, many of whom are suspected of being members of the International Order of the Friendly Sons of the Racoons (an epithet used by slave owners to describe Blacks) and a documented hate group.

    It’s no surprise the systemic racism embedded in the police force allows them to escape in situations where Persons Whose Lives Matter would have been gunned down on sight.

  5. Somewhat off topic, but a statue of the drug addled felon George Floyd was deface in New York in what the mayor id calling a hate crime. Some takeaways.

    1. The mayor has finally discovered a statue which should not be pulled down. Remember pulling the others down was healthy, spirited good citizenship.

    2. Betting a night out on the town that in a few days we are going to find out it is a hoax and it was done by people of color.

    * I’m only guessing that Mitch is joking and they were black.

  6. “Put BLM stickers on your bumpers and decals on your windshields.”

    That may not be a foolproof solution, either. One of my woke neighbors has the sign in his yard and the bumper sticker on his 2019 Toyota Ventus. He escaped an attempted carjack in Bloomington, three weeks ago.

  7. Boss, I recall seeing pictures of storefronts whose windows had been shattered, right beside the BLM placard.

  8. If you are white and have a BLM sticker on your car, black thugs will know immediately that you are an idiot and won’t fight back, and so will all of your neighbors, and people you work with.

  9. Well, yeah, Kinlaw. That’s how we know it was White Supremacists like Umbrella Man doing the damage.

    Black rioters would have have read the sign and said, “I see the sign of Saint George on your doorposts and lintel. I will pass over you. The destroyer shall not enter to smite you.”

    Don’t know if the same principle applies to automobiles. It should.

  10. The reign of terror inflicted on the hapless BIPOC people of Minneapolis by Umbrella Man continues.

  11. This umbrella man is becoming as all powerful and versatile as climate change.

    I ask you then, is there nothing the umbrella man can’t do?

    To answer that question, kids, join me in song

    ♫ ♬ ♩ ♪ Who can take the rainbow?
    (Who can take the rainbow?)
    Wrap it in a sigh
    (Wrap it in a sigh)
    Soak it in the sun and make a groovy lemon pie.

    ♫ ♩ ♪♬ The Umbrella Man Can! ♫ ♩ ♪♬

    Yes kids, that’s right. The umbrella man can!♫ ♩ ♪♬

  12. Yes, the left needs a constant supply of people to blame for their failures. The Umbrella Man will continue to serve that purpose, at least until the next one shows up. They constantly blast police for their alleged lack of accountability. Well, who in hell do they think set the example? Democrats have run most of Minnesota’s major cities for decades, yet, none of their party apparatchiks have been held accountable for their parts in their debacles.

  13. Democrats have run most of Minnesota’s major cities for decades, yet, none of their party apparatchiks have been held accountable for their parts in their debacles.

    Media Love – “means never having to say you’re sorry”

  14. Is Umbreall Man real?
    He is as real as the covid pandemic and as real as global warming and systemic racism.
    Next question.

  15. Don’t these rebels know that the government has jets and atomic weapons for putting down insurrections, like taking over streets that belong to others?

  16. One thing, and only one thing can fix Minneapolis. A nuclear bomb, just like Biden says.

  17. Hey now, its Republicans fault, haven’t you heard Little Red Lying Hood (Psaki) say it was Repubs who called for defunding the police?

    Yes, they think we are that dumb.

  18. Of course, it’s all the white supremacist Republicans in Minneapolis working their voodoo on the Minneapolis City Council that are calling for the police to be defunded.

    Sheesh. There aren’t enough Republicans in Minneapolis to share a pizza, let alone suborn the City Council.

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