Too Much To Hope For

Back in 1987, the Guardian Angels short-lived Twin Cities chapter “closed down” the Cecil Newman housing project in North Minneapolis – basically blockading it from criminals, keeping everyone out but the residents.

Legal? No less so than the CHAZ in south Minneapolis today is. Make of that what you will.

Needed. Pffft, yeah. Newman was a hotbed of drug dealing and crime, as the Twin Cities first wave of gang violence was just getting started, still years before “Murderapolis”. .

I was producing the “Geoff Charles Show” at the time. As we covered the story on day, Geoff said – one of the clear blue, live on the air, as he was wont to do, “Get me Curt Sliwa”, the fouorn2run

So I called the Guardian Angels in New York. “He’s in Minneapolis”.

I called the Guardian Angels at their Minneapolis number. “He’s at Cecil Newman”.

I called Cecil Newman. The phone rang a couple times. A New York accent said “Hello”.

“I’m looking for Curt Sliwa”.

“Tha’ts me”.

It was one of my favorite moments of that part of my career.

34 years later, he’s got the GOP endorsement for Mayor of New York. And he’s talking sense:

I mean, I’ll be realistic; a Republican has about as much chance of winning in New York as one does in Chicago, these days; I doubt Giuliani could make a dent these days.

But it’s sure fun to think about.

31 thoughts on “Too Much To Hope For

  1. MBerg wrote: “I doubt Giuliani could make a dent these days. But it’s sure fun to think about.”

    Anticrime avenger pallin’ around with notorious lawyer who’s license has been suspended. You can’t make it up.
    You judge a person by the company they keep. Sliwa may win some votes on Staten Island and in parts of Queens, but he’s toast everywhere else in NYC.

  2. Once again, Emery slithers out from under his rock and hisses. Got news for you, dip stick, what just got pulled on Giuliani by radical left wing judges attempting to squash his first amendment rights, should scare even ignorant trolls like you.

  3. Please huff your TDS paint somewhere else, Emery.
    Honestly, it should be embarrassing to you.

  4. Everyone knows the NY Supreme Court is absolutely non-partisan!
    I don’t know Emery’s many, many failed political predictions are due to his inability to understand the term “logical falacy” or his failure to properly evaluate his source material.
    It’s all grist for the hate mill for Emery.

  5. Actually, MO, just like many leftists, Trump is their “Umbrella Man” and lives in their heads, rent free.

  6. Knowledge can cure stupid if applied correctly. But don’t let the complete lack of evidence stop you from making unsubstantiated accusations.


  7. Not so stunning for anyone paying attention. I’m more stunned by how long it took to get to this point. What’s happening with Sidney Powell and Lin Wood?

    Sydney Powell and Lin Wood are held to these same professional standards and they also lose their ability to represent the legal profession. This should only be the beginning of accountability for attorneys spouting lies to the public. Lawyers, including Congressional and Senate representatives, who have promoted the “Big Lie” need to receive similar suspension of their law licenses.

  8. Emery paraphrased: Blah blah threadjack blah blah Trump blah Trump blah Trump …

    It’s too bad NYC is full of people like Emery.
    Somebody who cares about good policy could probably help them out.

  9. I read today that the results of the Maricopa ballot audit may not be released until after Labor Day. That kind of puts an end to Emery’s weird belief that Trump will somehow be “reinstated” in August.
    How many of your fellow lefties believe in the “August reinstatement” conspiracy theory, Emery? The only people talking about are your fellow libs.

  10. Emery, although it’s as useless as talking to a brick wall, I’m going to try one more time by asking this question. Why aren’t you calling for the liars and crooks on the left, like both Hunter and Joey Demento for their crimes? Or for their illegal dealings with Barisma, Hunter using the “n” word and disparaging Asians? I think you true believers should be worried, because the Democrat’s bull shit claim that the 2020 election was the most secure ever, is coming apart like a $2.00 watch. Further, there is sufficient evidence of the FBI being complicit in the January 6 “insurrection” and the “plot” to kidnap Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer. But, keep your head up your ass. It’s obvious to all of us that you enjoy the view in there.

  11. I remember when Curtis Sliwa came on the scene — all bluster and bologna. Another reality-show politician. He should have Vanilla Ice on the ticket.

    Eric Adams is going to become the next mayor of New York.

  12. Emery reads articles from failing magazines that are full of articles written by people afflicted with TDS and finds . . . an article written by a person with TDS!
    In the very first sentence the author reads trump’s mind. This is a common theme among the both the TDS left and right, the idea that they know trump’s mental state. Trump’s actions alone don’t condemn him, his motivations are evil.
    TDS is a psychosis.

  13. So many people have been broken by Trump.
    They have convinced themselves that they can read people’s minds. They have destroyed their reputations by repeating, as facts, bizzaro conspiracy theories like Russian collusion and the idea that Trump will be “reinstated” as president. They think that Cow Man and his cohort formed some sort of existential threat to the wealthiast and most powerful nation on earth.
    And they literally can’t think of anything else. There is only the giant Orange Man, striding through their minds every waking moment of every day. And probably in their dreams as well.

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  15. Just can’t get on topic, can you Emery?

    Trump is inside your head, and under your bed, and you’ll never get over the lamest “insurrection” every labeled.

    It’s sad.

  16. Woolly adds to his extensive list of pseudo credentials > Psychologist. Along with (checks notes) Epidemiologist, Immunologist, Neurologist and the smartest man in any room.

    The funny thing is TDS is supposedly for those like me who don’t buy the lies, and not those so obsessed with idolizing him that they lie. THAT sounds more like “Trump derangement syndrome.”

  17. Hey Emery.

    News flash! The ACLU has now joined Giuliano’s legal team in renouncing the actions of those three stooges that call themselves judges. They are expressing the same sentiments that I shared in my earlier post. This is not a good thing for ANY of us.

  18. MO, I read a great quote the other day, I think over at Ace’s place. It went something like:

    “All across the spectrum, Trump has broken so many people, he’s like a blow to the head personifies”.

    He apparently has really broken the troll here, his posts are unintelligible nonsense.

    Hey troll, guess what, America’s mayor is going to have his license back before you can finish your next pudding cup.

  19. But kinlaw loves Trump and believes every word that leaks out of his mouth. If intelligence is measured by those whom one respects and genuflect to we have a pretty good idea as to the general level of cognitive abilities of kinlaw.

    Personally— I think most Trump supporters would say he is saving America from the left side of politics and the elites that run the government for their own benefit. A lot of them are working class people or those from particular regions who feel abandoned by politicians and that the country is being radically changed without their consent and directed without their benefit in mind.

    Probably a third of the country feels this way, another third is just as passionately against Trump, and the reminder dislike all the options and can have their votes swayed by particular issues that upset them more.

  20. Here’s an interesting question: how does George Soros decide which posts Emery Collective should throw off track?

    Notice the E’s never post Trump rants on First Ringer’s columns about World War I. Perhaps those columns are safe for readers?

    But a column about progressive policies destroying one of the nicest cities in the world – that can’t be allowed to stand. Readers must be diverted from the implications. Trump! Collusion! Guilani!

    Also, does he pay by the word, or by the post? Or is it a flat fee?

  21. Annnnndddd, another B.S. law suit against Trump by the loser Cyrus Vance, Jr., who, incidentally is just as feckless as his old man was, gets thrown out. Boo! Yaa!

  22. Also, does he pay by the word, or by the post? Or is it a flat fee?

    Maybe there isn’t a payscale. Maybe they just get an invite to the weekly Jeffrey Toobin Zoom-stroke where they go over, um, talking points.

  23. People tell me there’s no way the election could have been stolen. A conspiracy that huge would require a giant payroll and somebody would roll over, for sure.

    But what if they’re not being paid? What if it’s not an organization with membership cards and matching t-shirts, what if it’s thousands of people each of whom is convinced they’re acting for the greater good? True believers might brag, but they don’t roll over. Similarly, internet trolls like the E-collective, and Facebook monitors, and Wikipedia editors, and Twitter complainers . . .

    An Army of Karens.

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