Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Iowa State University professor tries to limit contact with White People. Sounds fair. I try to limit contact with groups of Black people for my own safety, because I’ve read the statistical proof. Of course, that essay is nearly 10 years old so the numbers may be out of date. Anecdotal supporting evidence came last year, in the Third Precinct in Minneapolis, and also in recent airport melee videos, and I live in a city committed to diversity entitlement above law enforcement, so the principles are still valid.

The professor lives in a town of 65,000 people that is 92% White/Asian (they’re the same nowadays, at least for affirmative action purposes) and she teaches at a school that is 85% White/Asian. True, there have been racial crimes reported in Ames, but they’re Black-on-White crimes so the professor’s safety is not at issue. What’s her reason for avoiding White People?

Joe Doakes

The “progressive” electorate isn’t going to call her on it. Who would know better than one of the people whose job is to un-teach critical thinking skills?

8 thoughts on “Avoidance

  1. Funny. The macguffin in this drama, the Iowa State University professor, appears to be barely black herself. And with a name like Mookerjee, I’m thinking she’s Black-When-Convenient like our esteemed Vice President.

  2. To be honest-there are a lot of “self important” SJW, white people in neighborhoods of St Paul, like Merriam Park and Mac Groveland that I like to avoid, too.

  3. Mookerjee is a West Bengali Brahmin name. So her ancestors knew a lot about institutional racism, since they were at the top of the pile back in the old country. Another famous person of Brahmin descent is the Vice President. (drives my brother, a liberal, nuts when Kamala describes herself as oppressed…..with a sigh and a growl “she’s a Brahmin, *(&)*(&)”)

    Really, it would be wonderful if there were people who owned printing presses, websites, radio stations, and TV stations who would look into these things and say “huh, does this part of this person’s heritage say something about who they claim to be today?”

    Also of note is that if someone who was “pigmentally impaired” made this comment about minorities, I’d be very surprised if that person wasn’t quickly out of their cushy university job–or for that matter, most places in the private sector.

  4. Aha! Thanks for the info, bike. Very interesting. Especially the Brahmin part.

  5. bike.

    If you recall, when the San Fran Ho was running as a candidate, she excoriated Pedo Joe as a racist, stating that his attitudes and policies would have made her a slave. Then, her dad came out and said the she is descended from slave OWNERS. Funny! The media never said anything about either issue, nor did they take her task for her hypocrisy in accepting the invitation of the same guy she excoriated to be his running mate. I’m still trying to determine who is more feckless; Joe or the Ho.

  6. Another racist in a position of authority is Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot, who is refusing to be interviewed by journalists of pallor. Because apparently the way to promote diversity is by blatant acts of bigotry, or something like that.

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