Just When I’d About Given Up On The Fourth Amendent

A friend of the blog beat me to writing me about Caniglia v. Strom:

Monday May 17th the SCOTUS handed down a unanimous decision in Caniglia v. Strom, see:https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/20pdf/20-157_8mjp.pdf

Several things stand out about this decision; 

* first and most gratifying even the liberal judges on the SCOTUS would not support the extreme Biden administration and the gun grabbing Democrats, 

* second the opinions by Thomas, with Roberts, Breyer, Alito, and Kavenaugh concurring all provide ammunition to address and refute the Red Flag laws that are currently being considered by State legislatures and the US House, 

* and finally viewing the case timeline* before the court it is notable that The Gun Owners of America did the heavy lifting in amicus curiae briefs while the NRA was effectively MIA.

SCOTUSBlog has the timeline for the case.

I’d hoped this might be a preview of New York State Rifle And Pistol Association Vs. Corlett – and to some extent they might be, although I suspect Sotomayor, Kagan and Breyer will defect from the majority on those.

6 thoughts on “Just When I’d About Given Up On The Fourth Amendent

  1. The NRA has lost their way under Wayne LaPierre. He loaded the board with his buddies and paid them and himself, exorbitant salaries, them spends on lavish meetings. I have read several posts by members to oust him, but, just like politicians, he implemented golden parachutes for him, as well as his buddies. These factors are a large part of why they are filing bankruptcy.

  2. I have contributed to GOA for over 20 years – they do good work with little fanfare.

  3. Its only May but I declare this the best story of the year.

    A South Carolina man hijacked a school bus at gunpoint to try to get a ride to his house, a town over. He gave up and got off the bus about four miles in when the kindergarteners on board wouldn’t stop asking him questions.

    SC school bus driver says kindergartners’ curiosity helped stop armed hijacking

  4. Actually pleasantly surprised that the lefties on the court agreed. Ruth Bader-Meinhoff would have dissented: she didn’t like our constitution (no really, she didn’t)

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