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  1. Beyond a reasonable doubt is the legal burden of proof required to affirm a conviction in a criminal case.

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  2. Isn’t it puzzling that our feckless AG hired, at taxpayer expense, a team of about 12 lawyas to prosecute this case, when Derek Chauvin has 1? Oh. Wait! I totally explained it with the “feckless AG” part.

  3. The media claims that the prosecution lawyers are working pro bono, as if that matters.

  4. Legal Insurrection is a terrific blog I’ve read before. I’d been avoiding watching the trial because trials can be like watching paint dry. But if it’s presented in chapters I’ll take a look as I prepare for the wave of riots to head south.

  5. Allen, the reason it matters that the prosectors are volunteers is because it adds the flavor of Lynching to these proceedings.

    If a White prosecutor accused a Black cop of killing a White woman, would private practice lawyers be lining up to volunteer to prosecute the Black defendant? Would Minneapolis White people gather outside the courthouse with rope and torches, threatening to burn down the city if the Black cop wasn’t convicted?

    No. But they are today. Because for Democrats, lynching never really went out of style; they just changed targets from Clarence Thomas to Derek Chauvin.

  6. We also have Democrat Governor cheerleading the riots. See his tweet about the OIS in Brooklyn center.

  7. No matter the truth and facts, Chauvin will be convicted, shot, hanged and , quartered (not necessarily in that order) by the rightous, and his head paraded on a pike around town and interned in the middle of St. Floyd sqaure as a warning to all passerbys. Wanna place bets?

  8. When I read about the medical testimony that ignored the drugs and heart disease, my thought was that somebody was trying to put the fix on Chauvin. I wonder what the jury will say.

    My take is that it’s very likely that the drugs or his heart disease killed him in combination with the stress of the arrest. The doctors ignoring the gorilla in the room in their testimony is going to leave a serious mark, especially after they’ve admitted writing death certificates for exactly the symptoms Floyd had.

  9. JPA, even if that had happened last May, it wouldn’t have stopped the riots. It also wouldn’t stop the riots that will follow the announcement of the Jury’s Verdict.

  10. The interesting thing is that if the Times succeeds in “doxxing” jurists,then the jurists will rightly fear being exposed and killed–and hence Chauvin cannot get a fair trial, and hence he skates.

    Now granted, probably somebody besides the Times would have at least attempted this, but you would figure that the Old Gray Lady would have figured this much out. Apparently their hiring standards have slipped a little in the past 50 years.

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