In The Best Of Hans

Remember when Trump nominated a raft of extremists for high executive offices?


Right. There’s a reason for that.

In the meantime, this is who President Harris has picked to run Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, the agency that regulates firearms, and occasionally participates in anti-gun psyops like “Fast and Furious”:

The fact that Democrats can say anything they want, anything at all, because their key demographic just isn’t that bright, is on the verge of being a Berg’s Law.

4 thoughts on “In The Best Of Hans

  1. In a post-truth world, everyone has a right to their own facts.

    FACT: David Chipman comes from Planet Zork.

  2. So American guns are playing a role in violence “south of the border,” but not American use of illegal drugs?

  3. That outrageous lie should be more than enough justification to send that reprobate back to the hole they dug him out of.
    The fact of the matter is, the ATF & FBI were using Barretts to lob .50 cal rounds into a wooden structure with kids in it….of course considering they burned the kids up later made that kind of a moot point.

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