Anyone remember “Julia”?

The Obama campaign’s infantiolization of the American voter?

This video from Kamala Harris makes “Julia” look like John Galt:

This is what Joe Biden is a delivery system for.

4 thoughts on ““Julia”

  1. Inequity is when the faster runner loses the race.

    Equity is when the runner who pumped out 10 miles a day for 10 years crosses the finish line at the same time as the guy who spent 10 years watching West Wing reruns while snarfing down endless bags of Cheetos.

    But I agree with Kamala on one thing, poor minority kids need a chance to stand toe to toe on the starting line. That’s why organizations like Education Minnesota (the most racist group in Minnesota) need to be abolished.

  2. Inequity is when a black child of the middle class and a so-so student is admitted to college ahead of non-black child of poverty.

  3. I’ve visited the place where everyone ended up at the same place,largely because the Trabis they had to drive wouldn’t get them anywhere else. Thankfully, East Berlin doesn’t exist in the Erich Honecker sense anymore. They’re unequal now (some more unequal than others, to paraphrase Orwell), but at least they can buy bananas.

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