Male Like Me

President Trump is so strong, so virile, so . . . hyper-masculine, just like a Vladimir Putin or  some Confederate general. 

MPR really misses Pajama Boy.

Joe Doakes

I’ve got friends…well, semi-professional acquaintances that haven’t gone completely mad with partisan rage, anyway – at MPR, so I’ll not comment on the locals.

But it seems to have been decreed from on high that male voices that aren’t audibly African-American must sound like most of America thinks Pajama Boy sounded.

9 thoughts on “Male Like Me

  1. Confidence, assurance, and optimism are no longer words that can be used. Any traits such as these must be referred to as hyper masculinity.

  2. A lot of men aren’t going to be lectured about masculinity about a man who wears as much orange spray make-up as Donald Trump, just saying.

  3. I have a theory on what happened to the media, especially public media.

    Most of the line level staff is hired right out of Ivy league or upper echelon schools. Most of their senior management lives in terror of line level staff.

    So here is something to ponder:

    Half of Harvard’s student body consists of legacy and “sports scholarship” students (in other words their parents helped buttress Harvard’s $40 billion dollar endowment). The same is true with Princeton, Stanford and I will bet Carleton.

    So if you are connected but not smart or accomplished, how do you compete for status with truly smart and accomplished students who earned their position?

    The only thing in your toolbox is social status.

    And when your connections and diploma get you in the door at NPR, MPR, NYT or WAPO, your success depends on the only thing you have learned.

  4. Heather MacDonald writes of the “feminization of America “ and she’s not being complimentary.

  5. golfdoc
    time was there were Empires
    and they were ruled by Emperors,
    then there were Kingdoms
    and they were ruled by Kings,
    now there are Countries
    and they are….

  6. Trump is a boy’s idea of a man — well that and his lifts and ‘slimming’ extra-long ties.

  7. lol! Look at the Cheese Whiz troll opining on what men will or won’t do!

    You go, little fella.

  8. Reprobates operate on emotion, not reason, and women are emotional creatures, so I give them a pass on voting reprobate.

    But males ( I won’t call them men) who vote reprobate fall into of these 4 categories:

    – Low IQ.
    These are males who do what they’re told; they follow the herd closest to them.

    – Indoctrinated.
    These are the boys that attended public schools, and went home to dysfunctional, reprobate homes. They know not what they do.

    – Mentally ill.
    This makes up at least 3/4 of the ranks of far left activists like antifa (degeneracy and drug addiction making up the rest). Look at the mug shots of the males that have been arrested in the riots. Look beyond the eye liner and the flowbee haircuts and you’ll see a diseased mind, every time.

    – Power, money and/or free stuff.
    This is the group that you find at both extremes of the reprobate party. The leadership consists of ambitious grifters, who can’t make their fortunes in business, and would-be dictators. You’ll find some reprobate females here, too, but 99% of them would murder their own children to further their ambitions, and so cannot be considered “women”; some of them have bigger balls than reprobate males.
    At the other end, you’ll find ignorant white trash and uneducated blacks with their hands out.

    In all honesty, these four groups account for every male leftist reprobate I’ve ever met or listened to.

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