A Scientific Experiment

My hypothesis: “Progressive” politicians can say anything, no matter how outlandish or false, not only because they know the media will nearly never call them on it, but – more importantly – because they know people who are susceptible to voting for them are gullible, lacking in critical thinking skills, and so poorly-informed and in curious that they’ll never know better.

Data point: Alexandria “Tide Pod Evita” Ocasio Cortez claims President “disrespected” [1] her by calling her AOC.

Experiment: Does she make “AOC” a part of her public persona?

Observation: Why yes, she does! #Unexpected

Conclusion: AOC isn’t a gullible rube. She can merely count on anyone who takes her seriously to be a gullible rube.

[1] If you use “disrespect” as a verb, I dis-hear and dis-care-for, and have no respect for, anythingi else you have to day. Disrespect is an adjective.

4 thoughts on “A Scientific Experiment

  1. You know what I disrespect? Not talking about Wuhan Flu. Now back to threadjack, you gullible rube!

  2. I’m not really a fan of AOC ideologically, but I can appreciate the talent for unhinging mediocre people.

  3. concur with JDM disrespect is a Noun or Verb Transitive

    maybe I’m just dull or slow but I’d like to see 2 sentences where disrespect is an adjective.

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