19 thoughts on “Reasons I’m Thinking Something’s Up With The “Polling”, Part XXV

  1. It’s amazing that the American people are so motivated to vote given the quality of the candidates on offer.

    Or perhaps the abysmal quality of the incumbent is the explanation….

  2. The fly in the ointment however is the state of the Republican Party. They have been completely taken over not only by Trump, but by Trumpism. This is the logical conclusion of the trend the tea party started.

    The Republican grass roots, state politicians, Congressmen/ women and Senators are almost as bad as Trump. It won’t take much for the next populist to take the party over — if Trump ever lets it go.

    But not all Republicans are Tea Party/Trumpists. After a possible upcoming rout the GOP will take a long hard look at itself and why they lost. They have 8 years to consider their position and implement reform. Moderate Republicans won’t forget the Trump experiment soon.

    Populism and the extreme right are in decline worldwide: Johnson is discredited; Orban is increasingly desperate; Erdogan is just holding on, as is Lukashenko; Modi’s manipulation of Hindu anti- moslem sentiment will eventually fail.

    There is good reason to expect change for the better.

  3. Driving north to Grand Marais last weekend, the billboards inside the 694 belt were Biden-Harris. Then you’d start to see the occasional Trump billboard mixed in. Nearing Duluth, the highway billboards were pretty much all Biden – but once you turn off and head into Esko, all the lawn signs were Trump. Following 61 through Duluth, the expensive home along the lake were mostly Biden lawn signs, but there were a surprising number of Trump signs, too – about 3-1. Further north Trump signs (and Jason Lewis) were the majority – and we saw a few pickup trucks with Trump flags.

  4. I see a nice mix of Trump signs in with the degenerate signs, even in Rochester. It would be such a rush if the combination of mispolling/Biden crime led to a reelection and retaining the Senate.

    But I still wouldn’t be tired of winning.

  5. I’ve seen the same thing, Night.

    My sales territory got expanded into western Wisconsin and from Red Wing to Owatonna. As I travel down rural roads in both MN and WI, I’m seeing Trump signs on a magnitude of 5:1. Some have put up Trump = FREEDOM, Biden = Socialism signs up. Many businesses around Lakeville, Northfield, New Prague, Hudson, River Falls and Prescott, have far more Trump signs out than Biden. The ones wanting to avoid the backlash from TDS afflicted socialists, are putting out large American flags, as a substitute for a Trump sign. I’ve also spoken with several of my prospects and customers that voted for Obumbler in 2008 and 2012, but voted for Trump in 2016 and will vote for him again this year. Most of them think that Trump is sometimes his own worst enemy, but they agree that he’s done a lot of good stuff and know the stakes are too high not to re-elect him.

  6. Ah! I figured out one of the words that will get you put into moderation. The s word ending in “ism” or “ist”.

  7. Oh, Emery, so you mean that Wohl and Burkman are kinda like a combination of Christine Blasey Ford, Dianne Feinstein, and the Biden family? Professional corruption and false accusations of sexual assault?

    Just sayin’.

  8. In the old days, before our masters in the political class decided that “early voting” and “vote by mail” would advantage their candidates, polling meant something. A poll on October 31st was a snapshot of how voters felt on that day, just as the election itself was a snapshot of how voters felt on the first Tuesday in November.
    Now polling means nothing, exit polls mean nothing. If Biden or Trump polls 20% higher than his opponent on election day, it don’t matter, because votes have been being cast since early October.
    It is a frikkin’ joke.

  9. Whut chu talkin bout, E?

    The Nobel Peace Prize for 2020 was awarded earlier in October to The World Food Programme.

    Trump’s won’t be awarded until 2021. That’s when the appraisal will be.

  10. Yup, I reckon Wall Street is nervous about the possibilities of (a) a senile soci@list becoming President and (b) him not becoming President to the tune of nationwide rioting.

  11. Oh f’rchrissakes… maybe the markets are down because Democrats won’t pass a fiscal stimulus. Or maybe it’s the increase *worldwide* of Blue Flu cases (this is not good for travel related stocks). Or maybe, just maybe, it’s the knowledge that the election will be contested because Democrats won’t concede under any circumstances. Fortunately, most of the damage was in the tech sector.

    Anyone can play this stupid game – and does as per the comment on Oct 28, 2:28 pm.

  12. 👆 Look at that big brain on bread.

    Well no one could have foreseen the virus getting worse in winter…🙄

    Next time someone tells you equity markets are forward looking poke them in the eye.

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