Go Stor Or Go Hjem

Between the taxes, the delusional city governments and the occasional roaming bands of “Anti”-Fa goons, the thought of leaving the Twin Cities occasionally rears its head.

How far?

This far, perhaps?

13 thoughts on “Go Stor Or Go Hjem

  1. I’ve been looking for a place to park my kayak.

    BTW, as for people leaving Minneapolis…….the average sale price for a home has shot up $30K in 2020. Some ups, some downs, but overall up.

    See Redfin

    Go figure.

    ….because antifa, criminals and the rioters never come for the pure of heart and bad things never happen to good people.

  2. When brownshirts run out of folks to harass in Minn and StP, they’ll find you in Woodbury, and Anoka, and Edina, and Minnetonka, and Hugo, and the rest. Until the laws start being enforced and fascists go to jail, there is nowhere for you to hide. See Portlanida and Seattle and latest in SF.

  3. Hunter Biden is not the problem. Kicking back the money has made trading on his last name to the old man is a problem.
    It’s kind of fun to see the people who label Trump “the most corrupt president in American history” make excuses for ‘Slow Joe.’
    Biden never had much money when he was just a senator from Delaware. When he became Veep, he began to grow very wealthy, very quickly.
    It would be nice if some “journalist” could take time out from his busy day and investigate how Biden made so much money while in “public service.”

  4. Given that redistricting maps tend to give big cities a lot of districts they don’t really deserve–I remember seeing one map from Chicago that goes all the way from the lake to the south suburbs, several totally different constituencies there–I don’t know if one can go far enough to escape the tyranny of the left.

  5. Perhaps you should head back to NoDak? Your home state now leads the nation in Covid-19 cases per capita and is down to 20 ICU beds across the state.

    Unlike you, I (and Dems) actually do care, we think this is tragic and would, were we hold the reigns of the Executive Branch, seek to have a national plan, one which would help out NoDak.

    instead, you have a President who clearly has decided to do nothing, to rely on “herd immunity”, which is the epitome’ of shirking responsibility and saying “bah, let em’ die” rather than doing something to help.

    Oh, and yeah, it’s a red state, a deeply red state, lead by a knee-jerk reactionary governor. So, your theory that red states are doing better… um.. not so much. Certainly not when the time frames are measured at the same period and so adjusting for advancements in treatment, advancements paid for in blood.

    So, please, while I applaud your right to speak/write, if you feel conservative zeitgeist calls you elsewhere, as Ronnie Raygunz once said, “vote with your feet”, MN will survive, even if I’d miss your irascible, iconoclast, conspiracy spewing self in person.

  6. for once peev/paddy is concise in his formulation (well as concise as he ever gets) of the problem to wit:
    are the States incapable of handling their own affairs and should everything be controlled and centrally planed by the federal government?

  7. pig,
    As it is to 98% of drooling left wing sycophants, that’s the wet dream of Paddy and Emery; to have a central government run their lives for them, since they are too incompetent to run their own. The sad part, is that the Dems and their hypocritical media masters, have definitely deluded them, ala Joseph Goebbels in 1939 Germany.

  8. If PB or his chum E or their candidates J and P could articulate this wonderful ‘plan’ for defeating a virus, I’d love to hear it.

    Right now, I suspect the ‘plan’ consists of loading politically undesireables into box cars and shipping them to remote wastelands to die (except for the politically undesireables sent to labor in the fields, to die), after which the survivors will proclaim victory over the virus, capitalism, wreckers, saboteurs and kulaks.

    You know, like last time.

  9. Yo, Paddyboy, about those Democrats who “care”; is that why Democratic governors sent people with active COVID cases into nursing homes, getting thousands of residents killed?

    If that’s how Democrats show they “care”, I’d hate to see what their hostility looks like. Oh, wait, it looks like facist “antifa” thugs beating up free speech demonstrators in Portland and San Francisco, doesn’t it?

  10. I know any discussion about this is probably over, but I think it’s worthwhile to leave this here as a followup to JD’s comment. This is from Robert Reich (Berkeley prof, frmr Sec of Labor. Cofounder, Inequality Media. New book: The System…). About as mainstream Democrat as one can be.

    When this nightmare is over, we need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. It would erase Trump’s lies, comfort those who have been harmed by his hatefulness, and name every official, politician, executive, and media mogul whose greed and cowardice enabled this catastrophe.

    I’m sure it won’t get out of hand.

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