Not The <I>Babylon Bee</I>

Talking about Hunter Biden’s addiction is mean to addicts.

Do you know what’s really mean to addicts?

Enabling them

Giving a separate justice system to the powerful.

(Notice how NPR “fact checked” the assertion that Biden was kicked out of the Navy? he got an “administrative discharge” – as if he’d have gotten that had he been a kid from Oklahoma…)

Using them as a misapplied political point.

That’s mean to addicts.

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  1. Like a lot of children of famous people, Hunter Biden has regressed below the mean. I couldn’t care less about his personal failures. The problem is that he took no-show jobs with corrupt officials in other countries, made them think they were buying access to Joe (see Clinton Foundation) and kicked back half to his old man. That’s Mafia/Teamsters/Tony Soprano territory.

  2. Speaking of drug addiction, it is striking that NPR cannot figure out the obvious implications of Hunter’s drug abuse; that it speaks powerfully to the case that he really isn’t worth the millions he’s been paid.

    And it’s tremendously cruel to addicts to soft-pedal the consequences for those who are not politically connected. They need a reason to go straight, and NPR is trying to remove it.

  3. Admin discharge. What that really was the Navy trying desperately to get rid of someone who was forced on them.

  4. My experience was Army, but Administrative Discharge is frequently used for service members that are caught using drugs. When the report comes back after a UA (urinealisis) with a positive, the servicemember is then counseled and advised on what is going to happen. While they broke the law, and could be sent into the military courts, that takes up a lot more time for about the same end state.

    Admin discharges are generally a General discharge vs an honorable discharge. If courts are used it can be a other than honorable or dishonorable discharge. The problem that arises is if the servicemember was deployed. OTH or DD can make veterans benefits more difficult to obtain. So, it might appear to be the path of least resistance to do admin discharge, but it can sometimes be the right thing to do.

    On a side note, for two years I was a BN Executive Officer. One of my duties was being the one who wrote the memos on every positive UA. There were plenty of dumb young soldiers that figured no one would ever test them. There were plenty of combat vets trying to stop the memories as well. Having dealt with the VA, and seen the amount of drugs that they put PTSD people on, I’m not sure that smoking some pot is at all worse than taking the mind-numbing stuff the VA hands out.

  5. The timeline of Trump’s decline:

    2016, my opponent is under investigation.

    2018, I tried but failed to get a foreign government to announce my next opponent is under investigation.

    2020, Some guy says he found a computer that says my opponent’s son once tried to do something.

    Trump’s campaign has the smell of desperation…

  6. EXCLUSIVE: Fox News Passed on Hunter Biden Laptop Story Over Credibility Concerns

    lol — Rudy Giuliani straight-up saying he chose to go to the New York Post because he knew they wouldn’t bother to check if it was true.

    From the article: Mr. Giuliani said he chose The Post because “either nobody else would take it, or if they took it, they would spend all the time they could to try to contradict it before they put it out.” ~ NYT

  7. BTW, talking about Hunter Biden’s addiction is also bringing the family into the conversation, something YOU said is dirty pool… but I guess not when it suits you.

  8. Here’s another example of Liberals’ famous inability to draw meaningful distinctions between different sets of data.

    Slamming Baron Trump simply because he’s Donald Trump’s teenage son and for no other reason. Not acceptable.

    Slamming Hunter Biden because he’s Joe Biden’s influence money bag-man (and incidentally also his son). Totally acceptable.

  9. This is legitimate to ask. And should be put in context of corruption of Trump and his family. It’s like the sexual assault questions and mental incoherence issue (which few bring up after the debate and town hall).

    How does Biden compare to Trump?

    After Ivanka got those patents, and Jared got $1.2 billion from Qatar…I could care less about Burisma. This is chump change compared to what the Trump family has received.

    This is why Biden is ahead in the polls.

  10. Here’s another example of Liberals’ famous inability to draw meaningful distinctions between different sets of data.

    Schlichter terms it “the new obtuseness”.

  11. The CIA and the Republican led Senate Intelligence Committee warned Trump that Guiliani was being cultivated by the Russian GRU as a conduit for misinformation about Biden. And they just go ahead with it. Must be pretty desperate.

    Republican Inquiry Finds No Evidence of Wrongdoing by Biden

    Let’s get into Ivanka, Jared, Eric, and Junior and all of their business dealings in China and Russia at the same time please. As long as we are examining corruption and nepotism.

    My advice—don’t vote for Hunter Biden or Hillary Clinton… 😂

  12. “I don’t believe you can find any evidence of the fact that I had changed government policy solely because of a contribution.”

    Okay, maybe not when Bill did it; but geez, Joe, first you bragged about it on national television, and then your coke-addled son forgot he left the laptop full of smoking-gun emails at the repair shop.


  13. Paddyboy, your host didn’t bring Hunter Biden into the discussion. Joe Biden did. Sorry, what we have here is clear evidence that yes, Joe Biden did finagle huge payoffs for his drug addicted son, payoffs that are far less believeable as “honest” simply because of Hunter’s drug addiction and lack of a credible resume.

    Emery: read the actual Senate report. The Slimes article bears no actual resemblance to what was found. What the report actually found was that yes, Joe Biden had allowed family members to enrich themselves from suspicious sources while he was Vice President.

  14. I understand there’s a lot of questions about both Biden and Trump‘s financial dealings, so its really good that both have released their tax returns so we can take a look. A move everyone who cares about this stuff would insist upon I’m sure.

  15. Sniffin Joe has called a lid for the next 4 days. He’s reportedly busy with debate prep.

    In reality, his care givers are readying him for a full frontal assault regarding an issue he has no legitimate response for.

    The debate commission has attempted to prop the ol’ sniffer up by taking foreign policy off the topic list, as he and his crack addled son’s criminal shenanigans directly impacted US foreign relations which Trump would jump into.

    Wont help. Trump is chomping at the bit, and he’s not going to be held back.

    They may have sniffer in a chemically induced coma to allow his feeble brain to rest up. They’ll revive him with Adderall 1/2 an hour from show time and hope for the best.

  16. The honey wagon troll makes an interesting point.

    If Sniffin Joe didn’t declare his cut of his crackaddict son’s loot, he’s committed tax evasion.

    History recounts another mentally diminished crook who was skilled at avoiding criminal charges, but finally went down for tax evasion…Al Capone.

  17. Yo, EI; keep in mind that all that income Biden seems to have achieved isn’t listed on those tax returns. Maybe, just maybe, we ought to leave tax compliance in the hands of….say….the IRS? You keep reminding us how well they do their job, certainly you’ll agree to this.

    And yeah, if Biden didn’t declare that income, do the same thing we did with Capone. He’ll be safer on Alcatraz anyways. Harder for Hillary’s goons to get to.

  18. Remember the woman Hunter knocked up and abandoned, the one who’s suing him for paternity and child support?

    Child support is based on income. Shouldn’t “income” include under-the-table payoffs from foreigners seeking to buy influence with The Big Guy?

    And if he refuses to provide accurate and complete income information, shouldn’t the child support enforcement officers treat him the same as any other deadbeat dad – revoke his license, find him in contempt of court and put him in jail until he complies?

  19. What JPA says, but yes, it ought to include foreign income, whether honestly achieved or not. The response ought to deprive him of his law license and make him need to get a job at Wal-Mart as a last gasp. Might be the best thing for him.

  20. And oh boy, Giuliani says he found child porn on that drive, which….means that the FBI is even more sleeping on the job than we’d thought, if it’s true. Also if it’s true, it explains both Hunter’s drug use to a degree (shame/fear of being caught), and perhaps even his dad apparently letting him ink deals with his dad’s position.

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