Record number of women and minorities seeking concealed carry permits.

When Harris gets elected and her first Executive Order bans all guns, will the New York Times headline read, “Women and Minorities Hardest Hit”?

Joe Doakes

Should Harris/Biden win, and the Senate flip, and given the left’s predilection to overreaching when they get power, I suspect the first mid-term is going to get pretty sporty for any Democrats outside major metro areas.

I suspect that’s why Big Left has been trying to beat down the NRA, frankly. Not that that’ll help ’em much.

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  1. The problems with so many people buying guns for the first time, are: 1. they may have a tough time buying one. The inventory of affordable guns in most gun stores, is dropping and because of the demand, prices are rising and 2. Ammo is also getting harder to get, especially in 9mm, .40 and .45. Even 00 buck and slug shotgun shells are getting harder to find. And, again, it’s getting more expensive. Manufacturers of both can’t keep up with demand, but on the bright side, many of them have added second and in some cases, third shifts, creating more jobs.

    I’m waiting for the lying left wing media to blame gun dealers for price gouging.

  2. Kinda of OT, but still on topic. You be the judge.

    During an interview with the NRA’s 1st Freedom, President Donald Trump said he would sign national reciprocity legislation for concealed carry if it reaches his desk.

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