The Inmates

Don’t let the title – or the fact that it’s in the generally unforgiveable Slate, for that matter – put you off from reading this piece, “The Store That Called the Cops on George Floyd “.

This piece captures not only the history of CUP Foods, the South Minneapolis bodega whose employee called 911 on George Floyd last Memorial Day, a Palestinian immigrant family that’s worked a couple of generations of butts off to succeed in a “transitioning” neighborhood through a couple of waves of blight.

More than that, it captures the successive waves of fervid racism (Black on Arab, Black on European, Arab and Black on European), community spirit, delusion, and the unlikely trifecta of community spirit infused with delusion and racism:

Toussaint Morrison, a Black Lives Matter organizer in Minneapolis, said he doesn’t actually see any problem with CUP Foods reopening. But he doesn’t necessarily think anyone should shop there…On CUP Foods reopening, he said, “I say get a Black-owned corner store near there, and say shop here. We’ll beat all of their prices. Even if we lose money, whatever.” The point, he said, is to keep Black money in the Black community: “Whether they open or not, it’s on us as a community to not buy their shit. It’s that simple.”

So – far from dismissing it because of a “woke” copy-editor’s inelegant titling, or its laughable origins (Slate, for flock’s sake), I urge you to read it as a guide to everything that’s going to slowly strangle Minneapolis.

And to maybe hang onto it as a time capsule showing future generatons how “community” became impossible.

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  1. Great. The neighborhood is setting one minority at the throats of another. Take a look at Chicago or LA to see how that one works out, ’cause it won’t be pretty.

    Almost as tragic is to read people arguing that somehow they’re going to keep money in the black community by replacing CUP with a black-owned store that loses money. It is as if they have no idea that the main expense of a grocery is for the goods they sell, and if you’re losing money on every item, you cannot (as the old joke goes) make it up with volume.

    Scariest thing; these people vote with that abyssmal knowledge of economics. Yikes.

  2. It is not just MSP. This is unabashed racism in its pure form and by definition. Blacks are openly talking about segregation. This what they want. This is what they are fighting for. Just let that sink in for a minute. MLK? We don’t need no MLK! He was an unblack™. MLK’s words are an anathema to BLM. They would be shouting him down from the rooftops and tarring and feathering him for his words and ideas. How far we have come!

  3. Any chance this could fall into the realm of islamophobia? Or is this only applicable to non-progressives.

  4. Calypso,

    Progressives are immune to all charges of political incorrectness lake of woke.

  5. What Morrison is expressing is worse than bigotry or racism. It is nationalism, ethnic nationalism. Ethnic nationalism poisons everything it touches. There are no captital-T truths to an ethnic nationalist, there are only stories told to strengthen the nation.
    To identify as a black nationalist, as opposed to identifying as black, is to throw in your lot with a “nation” that is poorly educated, violent, economically crippled, and few in numbers. Black nationalism owes any power it has to the non-blacks who back its cause. Black nationalism is ethnic suicide.
    And if the world was really made up of ethnic nations, I wouldn’t care because I am not black. Knock yourselves out, kids. You haven’t got the resources to be self-sufficient.

  6. I lived a couple blocks from there for 9 years, attended the Lutheran church a block south of the intersection for 25 years. I remember when the Wilharm family sold the drug store and Cup foods began. It was about the same time that Cub foods started, so the little store’s name I found cute. I shopped there often over the years, they had a nice selection, too much stuff in the aisles. It reminded me of a little Banks store (for those who remember Banks in northeast) but much higher prices.

    Politicians are making themselves rich and powerful by pitting ethnic groups against each other. It will come back to haunt us all. People love to feel like victims, it makes it so much easier to take what you want, expect largesse to come your way because of your suffering. Tell an ethnic group they are victims and they will follow you anywhere. It’s a sad state of affairs.

    The mob that is currently forming wants blood from anyone involved here. The 4 cops don’t have enough blood in their bodies. The beast must be fed, this will not end well for my beloved city.

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  8. I lived less than a block from there when I first moved to Minneapolis in 1973. Stayed two years before moving closer to the U of M where I went to medical school. I remember the drugstore. South on Chicago was a Red Owl. Never had any fear of the neighborhood in those days. It looks like an armpit now. The article made me chuckle when it said the Cup owners came from Palestine. There is no such place. Same sort of irrational hatred emanates from those who claim there is. I suspect the advocates for turning the store over to black owners fully expect their losses to be absorbed by a benevolent nonprofit funded by liberal donations and the government. If Biden is elected and the Senate flips blue, it will happen.

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