The Cupboard Is Bare

Fleet Farm, Labor Day Weekend. No .22, .223, .357, .38, .40, . 45, 5.56mm, or 9mm. Cabellas, the same. None expected. 

People who have confidence in their civic institutions do not panic about defending their families. 

Democrats have much to answer for.

Joe Doakes

As we noted the other day – people seek order.  If government doesn’t provide it, they’ll do it for themselves.  That’s not always a pleasant thing. 

3 thoughts on “The Cupboard Is Bare

  1. There’s a saying, let’s see if I can get it close… the cops don’t exist to protect normal people from criminals, but to protect criminals from normal people.

  2. It’s not just finished cartridges; reloading supplies have vanished too. New brass for all those calibers, and more, is unobtanium; powder, projectiles and primers, too.

    Lot of ammo out there, more than the US Army expended in WWII, just sitting.

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