If He Didn’t Exist…

I’m pretty sure the Minnesota GOP would have to invent Ryan Winkler.

This was him over the weekend on social media:

So in other words, our House Majority Leader stands for the abolition of Federalism – one of the things our country got completely right.

Oh, he’s not done yet:

He went to Harvard, you know – but apparently never read the Federalist Papers.

The Constitution is precisely about denying unlimited power to the majority!

Not sure if Winkler, and the people he’s aping, want a civil war

But if they do, it’s hard for me to figure what they’d do differently.

24 thoughts on “If He Didn’t Exist…

  1. Reminds me of a Book of Faces argument that I had with a cousin, back when I was still on social media. She pointed out that she was a National Merit Scholarship winner and had a Ph.D. so therefore, I should acknowledge her superior wisdom and I should agree with her political opinion.

    I didn’t bother pointing out that ‘appeal to authority’ is a logical fallacy. Instead, I asked: “I concede you are smarter than me. But what good is having all those brains if you’re not going to use them?”

    Speaking of Ryan Winkler . . . .

  2. “I concede you are smarter than me

    More educated perhaps, but not necessarily smarter, Joe.

    Protecting minority rule is not the purpose of the Constitution.

    And just like that, Winkler re-frames the argument. It’s not about minority rule, but protecting the minority from the tyranny of the majority. What’s the old saying? “Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner”?

  3. This is what happens when you politicize the courts and fight your political battles by proxy through judicial decisions.

  4. Is RW really just that stupid? The product of a bad education? Or is he lying? Perhaps all three to some degree?

    The very existence of the Electoral College acts as a limit on majority rule. This country would not exist, at least as the same country, were there no Electoral College. Not to forget the Senate too, especially prior to the 17th Amendment – another proggy invention.

  5. I’ve seen posts on social media from middle aged leftist Karen’s, elderly male hippies and soft SJW’s promising their attendance and active participation in another civil war.

    The fact they believe themselves capable of surviving 5 minutes of a gunfight proves how mentally ill they are.

    I can picture the astonished look on their lifeless corpses that would decorate a field of battle.

    Still, my response is, “sure. Bring it on.”

  6. Swiftee, I don’t think you’re alone. I saw this comment on Twitter from an ex-military guy:
    The one thing you leftist revolutionary LARPers don’t understand is that there are a lot of people on the other side – that is, patriots – who are even more eager for you dummies to start your revolution than you are.

  7. These powerless leftist pols cackling endlessly about ending the EC, granting statehood to DC or any of their other pipedreams are very entertaining. I can actually feel their impotent frustration.

    I am also enjoying their sense of dread, waiting for Trump to announce his pick for the court. They’re sure to loath that person, who ever it is.

    Yes, I enjoy watching them suffer. No apology forthcoming.

  8. Winkler reminds me of Roman Hruska, who infamously commented during a judiciary hearing that we need some mediocre judges and was mercilessly mocked for it in the song “Dead Puppies”.

    And yes, Emery, one side of the aisle has been politicizing the judiciary incessantly, creating rights like “privacy” out of vapor. It’s not the side you’re thinking of, though.

  9. The pilot program for trying to personally destroy a Supreme Court nominee was the Clarence Thomas nomination, fine-tuned and amplified for Kavanaugh. The higher the stakes, the further back they’ll go for “memories”.

  10. NW
    the Bork hearings in 1987 were Biden’s first real triumph at personally destroying a nominee from his position as chair of the Judiciary committee and as such was the pilot that the Thomas(1991) and Kavenaugh hearings were modeled from.

  11. With all the heck ACB was put through during her last nomination, Dems have shot their wad, and they know it. They are terrified of that nomination and know the hearing will be brief and put to vote in short order.

    But yes, RW and his ilk are indeed jonesing for a civil war. But I do not think he realizes that they WILL get push back. But then, with police on the side of the reprobates, willing to trample on the rights of the law abiding citizens as they have shown lately, he may feel more confident than he has right to be. Armed Forces and National Guard are going to be the deciding force.

    No matter how you look at it, blood will spill. If we want to keep our freedom, it will be on both sides. But it will spill in even greater quantity if reprobates win, because we will be in for a “cultural revolution”.

  12. The issue is, he does exist, despite your attempt to excuse him away.

    JPA, be clear, the armed forces of the US are made up primarily of poor and minority men and women. They will side with workers and democracy over the rich plutocrats.

    As far as this SCOTUS fight goes, please move ahead attempting to fill RBG’s seat after the abject abandonment of Constitutional responsibility in which McConnell and the GOP engaged in 2016, show your craven side. Do ANYTHING to ‘win’, and then the Dems will impeach Neil Gorsuch when they hold the Senate because he was illegally seated (or something similar) and the country will devolve further into angry, partisan sides, and the civil unrest and opportunity you whack jobs on the right have been jones-ing for will be at hand. you’ll get to shoot the liberals you hate soo much while claiming the reverse is true, when it is not.

  13. It strikes me that if the Democrats attempt to “Bork” or “Kavanaugh” someone like Barrett or Lapua (?), they risk a vicious backlash as the nation would be treated to their abuse of a woman on national TV. Yeah, they should have had the vicious backlash after Clarence Thomas for the same reason, but I think it would be even more obvious if the beneficiary of their venom was a woman.

    For that matter, shouldn’t a bunch of the “reprobates” have been arrested for harassing GOP senators in the middle of the night? It seems to me that the Democrats are making an emphatic case that if you don’t belong to one of the groups they want to protect, your life and your property are not worth sending the police. We may do well to suggest to departments that practice this “if you’re not willing to ‘serve and protect’ the politically unpopular, you’re welcome to resign.”

  14. Paddyboy, regarding your claim that the military is mostly poor minorities: FALSE.


    One ugly reality is that huge portions of the poor are ineligible for military service because they lack a high school diploma or have a serious criminal record.

    If push comes to shove, will they side with one or more groups, or will they side with the Constitution they swore to protect? By the way, that document says nothing about the propriety of approving a Justice in the waning days of a Presidential term. Just so you know.

  15. The blatant lie that the Marxists on the left are telling regarding Justice Ginsburg’s alleged “last wish” is so blatantly transparent that I have been laughing since it was first uttered.
    One thing that I have noticed about her, is that she doesn’t seem to have ever contradicted herself. In 2016, she stated that “there is nothing in the Constitution that prevents the appointment of a Supreme Court Justice in an election year.” Further, I seriously doubt that, if the Marxists do pull all of the bull crap and commit further treason against the U.S. citizens, they want a tie on votes. If that happens, who breaks it?

  16. we will see that our institutions need to change to actually reflect majority rule—filibuster, electoral college, statehood for DC/PR, gerrymandering all need to be on the table.
    What Winkler is saying is that we need to shred constitutional norms, exactly what they accuse (falsely) Trump of doing.

    Release your pearls. Protecting minority rule is not the purpose of the Constitution.

    That is exactly the purpose of the 13th amendment, you know, the one that freed the slaves, and Winkler’s people mourn the loss of congressional districts gerrymandered by the feds to defeat majority rule in many places in the South, especially Texas.

    As for peeves silly comment, the plutocrats are on his side, not ours, and as for “democracy,” Trump is constantly criticized by the Left (and some on the right), for being a populist, e.g., a man who gives the people what they want, even when it is not wise to do so.

  17. Elections have consequences, padded room boi. We won, and we’re going to do what we want as long as we can. That means we will continue to punish and crush you and your pals until at least 2024. You moonbats can suck it.

    Questions? Didn’t think so.

    Glad we could clear that up.

  18. I have it on good authority that Ginsburg’s last words were “grrrraagh gaaah.”

    The moonbats are lying.

  19. “the armed forces of the US are made up primarily of poor and minority men and women”

    19 year old mess cooks…

    Padded room boi exhibits the expected smug attitude his imagined superiority affords him. He also imagines the Marines depend on municipal judges to supply them with miscreants to hone into fighting machines.

    Riding herd on so many pathological deficiencies and ignorance must be exhausting for reprobates.

  20. ” . . . the armed forces of the US are made up primarily of poor and minority men and women. They will side with workers and democracy over the rich plutocrats.”

    Workers of the world unite. Join us, you soldiers enslaved in chains of command. Together we will overthrow the plutocrats and march shoulder-to-shoulder into a glorious new future.

    Who talks like this? Who THINKS like this? What is WRONG with that guy?

  21. “ Who talks like this? Who THINKS like this? What is WRONG with that guy?”

    They are not born like this. In some but not all, there is the addition of cognitive deficiency; but all have been conditioned to jettison their grip on reality in favor of a perception gained through years of indoctrination reinforced through isolation within the group.

    That training regimen exacts a toll on the mind, a mild psychosis takes up residence. In the end, liberals all suffer from a clinically identifiable mental disease.

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