A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…

…and a video is worth a million of ’em.

Kevin Portnoy:

What we’ve seen in California re Covid is that Big Left will keep moving the goalposts until they’ve gotten what they need – until they’ve “not wasted the crisis”.

Now, say what you will about Minnesotans and the often-bovine sense of communitarianism that the left has been exploiting for 100 years. But Governor Walz’s potemkin “reopening” news conference yesterday was largely a reaction to Minnesotans starting to disregard government they don’t respet – spontaneously (cell data shows “shut-down” Minnesotans are less socially-distant than “re-opened” Georgians) and deliberately (some businesses and cities in Greater Minnesota are resolving to ignore the shutdown, and some police departments and sheriffs are openly saying they’ll not be enforcing any shutdown-related provisions).

I suspect an awful lot of people – including me, who’s been self-isolating since before it was cool – are coming around the the same conclusion. I suspect Walz is trying to defuse a rebellion in time for November.

13 thoughts on “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…

  1. What really pisses off people in Greater Minnesota is that we are controlled by an executive order designed for Minneapolis.

    In other words: Freeborn County must follow the same rules as Hennepin County.

    Can someone explain why?

    On the other hand, Iowa and South Dakota are doing it right – county by county. Last week my wife went down to an Amish greenhouse in northern Iowa to buy flowers. On her way home, she stopped in Osage for lunch at a cafe.

    Why do we have to cross the border to live a semi-normal life when conditions there are no different than conditions here?

    Would someone ask The Great And Wonderful Walz why this is so?

  2. Whoaaaaa! Careful there, Greg!

    Emery and his brother Emery Ignoramus, idolize Walz as their god. Wouldn’t want to offend the little snowflakes now, would you? 😂

  3. Greg – I live in Minneapolis and agree.

    I wonder if it was January, would there be the push to re open? Leaving aside the civil liberties, I think the warm weather and giving up a summer is what have more than a few people up in arms.

  4. On the other hand, the Pride Festival was cancelled. Not that there’s anything wrong about it.

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  6. I’m probably more frustrated by some solid conservatives that I know who are supporting the shutdown. These are people that talk about the incompetence of government bureaucracy and the dangers of government control of people’s lives.

  7. On the other hand, Iowa and South Dakota are doing it right – county by county. Last week my wife went down to an Amish greenhouse in northern Iowa to buy flowers. On her way home, she stopped in Osage for lunch at a cafe.

    @Greg: It’s what you get when you have a governor who’s approaching the challenge from more of a data-driven perspective. Reynolds here in Iowa opened up 77 of the 99 counties that were showing a two-week decline or zero new cases in two weeks, waited and watched, and then opened things a little more. If there’s an outbreak in a specific county, things will get locked down. I read somewhere that we’ve moved from Phase 1, which is stabilization, to Phase 2, which is containment.

    The Emerys of the world seem incapable of understanding that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t. Ask the self-appointed epidemiologist Karens why Iowa or South Dakota have to embrace the failed lockdown mentality of NYC (where nobody ever thought to clean the subway cars nightly until over 6 weeks in), and I think you’ll either get a blank stare, be asked to wait while they check social media for the packaged answer, or simply get called a “Grandma Killer” (often, the last two are one in the same).

    Why do we have to cross the border to live a semi-normal life when conditions there are no different than conditions here?

    Because there are parts of the Constitution that are inconvenient to King Walz I?

  8. Number of Cases is treated as if it is a useful metric. It isn’t, because the category is too broad.

    Number of Nursing home cases. Don’t care, I’m not in the nursing home and don’t work there. Oh, so old people dying doesn’t matter? Well, no, not so much. That’s what old people in nursing homes do – they die. It’s not worth shutting down the entire state, we never have before. A better metric would be:

    Number of Cases of Working Adults who were sick enough to seek medical attention. That would be useful to know, to gauge my risk, and the risk of other working adults presently idled by the Stay Home order. Do we need to be idled? What’s the risk to the Gen Pop? Can’t find that number online.

    Number of Cases of Teens/Children hospitalized/intensive care/dead. Critical information. We must protect them. Can’t find that number, either. Almost as if it’s being suppressed because it wouldn’t support The Narrative.

    Also useful: link to the double-blind, peer-reviewed scientific study proving that 6-foot social distance is necessary indoors and out to prevent viral spread; and that wearing any kind of mask from N95 to a cotton bandanna, will save me from the virus. Can’t find any scientific or medical proof of those nostrums, either, making me suspect they’re not scientific at all, merely costume play or cargo cultism, neither of which is a wise basis for public policy.

  9. “Budget squeeze at Minnesota Public Radio sees 14 take voluntary buyouts”

    Uh oh…hope this doesn’t mean more LFOM (Lefty Friends of Mitch) will start letting their inner cunts run wild on twitter ala Bob Collins. Mite lead to disillusionment and maybe even cognitive dissonance; no good ever comes of that.

  10. JD, masks are pussy hats for the 2020 election.

  11. Georgia opens wide. Lefty reprobates promise bodies will pile in the streets…nothing happens.

    Tennessee opens wide. Lefty reprobates accuse the Governor of wanting people to die…nothing happens

    South Carolina opens wide. Wasn’t shut down long enough for anyone to notice.

    Colorado opens wide. Reprobates bash Democrap Governor for a traitor…he shows up on a Trump press conference….reprobates lose their minds.

    Minnesota Governor plans to extend martial law for another 30 days. Outstate cities declare their intention to ignore the declaration; several sheriffs say they won’t enforce it. Governor tucks tail and issues a “modified” martial law that won’t be so embarrassing when everyone ignores it.

    At this point, if it was ever a serious component (it wasn’t), “science” has been defenestrated. Everything that happens from this point on is driven purely by politics. It’s a fight the reprobates can’t win.

    If they keep holding a pillow over their economies until it stops struggling, while their next door neighbors get on with business there will be blood in the streets when the real financial consequences begin to kick in.

  12. “masks are pussy hats for the 2020 election”

    Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner!

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