You Get The Government You Pay For

Campaign contributions for exemption. Nice.

There is speculation that the revelation that the “World’s Largest Candy Store”‘s getting rated as “essential” because their owner is friends with and a donor to Waltz created optics that were starting to hurt Walz, and between that and the fact that Minnesotans are actually acting less sociallyi-distant than Georgians (who opened up to great calumny a few weeks back, and aren’t dying off in droves) led to yesterday’s modest, token relaxation of the shutdown.

We certainly see what it takes to get the governor’s attention.

5 thoughts on “You Get The Government You Pay For

  1. Hey Joe! It’s called Constituency Service.

    Remember how The Great And Wonderful Walz gave the Tin Man a heart, the Scarecrow a philosophy degree, the Lion a medal and little Dorothy a ride back to Kansas.

    That is constituency service.

    Never mind that all everyone else in the Emerald City got was taxes.

    I once had a conversation with Bob Collins of MPR in which he praised constituency service as the height of good government. I told him that I would rather have a government that did what it was assigned to do so competently that its citizens didn’t have to go begging to their elected officials for basic service.

    Being a DFL’r, he didn’t get the concept.

  2. Funny, Greg.

    I’d love to hear Walz asked to explain the scientific, medical factors that led to his buddy’s store suddenly reclassified.

    Candyland on Wabasha is allowing 1 person in the store at a time but the Minneapolis store is closed. Regina’s Candy on South Robert Street is curbside-pickup only.

    What’s the medical, scientific difference between one store being “essential” but its competitors are not?

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  4. Greg,
    In the Tim Walz edition of the movie he gave Dorothy a ride back to Nebraska.

  5. SmithStCrx, his data dictated that she belonged in Nebraska despite her objections. After all, her name is not Greta.

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