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  1. From the link:

    “Many other countries allow substantially broader limits on free speech.That’s relevant to what the law in America should be, but it has nothing to do with what the law is.”

    This reprobate is smart enough to at least understand the Constitution doesn’t say what they want it to say, but he’s all on board for a rewrite to facilitate the Brave New World.

    I hope he’s also smart enough to understand that’s not gonna happen in his lifetime…he needs to spread that message, too.

  2. At least the author seems to understand the narrow exceptions to the first amendment. It would be even better if the author noted that the first amendment also guarantees freedom of religion and freedom of assembly. The rest of the amendments xist primarily to guarantee the freedoms recognized in the first amendment. If you degrade the first amendment you degrade ALL of the civil rights guaranteed by the bill of rights and later amendments to the constitution. You will not have equal protection under the law without a strict interpretation of the first amendment.

  3. I think the 1st and the 2nd work together, MP. The 1st is defenseless without its partner.

  4. None of them work without the 2nd.

    Think about it. Leftists are on record as desiring:

    Restrictions on the 1st amendment.They are already using censorship and violence to stifle words they don’t like.

    Abolishing the 2nd.

    Abolishing the electoral college. Most leftist ninnies are completely unaware that without the EC, there would never have been a United States.

    Making the Senate seats dependent on state population. California get 5, North Dakota gets Jack shit.

    Abolishing Capitalism.

    Adding more SCOTUS justices until the balance suits them. Just wait until Ginsberg kicks off…gonna be a real shitshow.

    Allowing the states to usurp powers relegated to the feds, like immigration and dope, or just ignoring the law.

    Most of that stuff is written right into the Constitution. The only way they get what they want is a coup, and there are a lot of leftists who are ready to go.

    Of course, since firearms frighten me I’ve got an arsenal of Ninja shurikins. So I’m good to go whatever happens to the 2nd.

  5. @Swiftee, the author is Ken “Popehat” White. He’s a flaming, rabid liberal but not a leftist. He’s also a former Federal Prosecutor, and generally a 1st Amendment advocate. This article is him reminding his “progressive” crew what the law is and letting them down gently.

  6. Thanks for the link. This is helpful and will be useful many times a year. The 1st amendment seems to be so misunderstood by so many. People seem to think private companies changing their target audience or marketing a different way equates “they’re taking away my freedom of speech.” Or employers firing someone for saying something “they’re taking away my free speech.” No, the 1st amendment protects us from the government. The President, or any other member of our government, cannot have you arrested, detained, or anything else for saying something, writing something, etc, nor can anyone in the government compel you to pledge or say anything that you don’t want to say or do. But Facebook can delete your post, Nike can pull an ad, and newspapers can refuse to publish your letter to the editor. The difference? You are free to not use Facebook, buy Nike, or subscribe to that newspaper.

    I often find my friends on both political sides have trouble with this amendment. Like the post says, though, it is probably healthy for our First Amendment rights that we all do continue to talk about it.

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