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  1. Curious…

    Since Africa is held to be the cradle of humanity, are they referencing, and throwing shade upon the “Paleo diet”?


  2. there are 3 types of lies; lies, damned lies, and statistucs. I think it says less about America and more about how miserable Africa is.

  3. Whoever put that phrase together must have at least a masters degree because only the highly educated could be that freaking stupid.

  4. The average North American also probably produces more than 400 Africans produce.


  5. Kinlaw; me either, thanks be to God! I’ll stick with bacon and burgers, thank you very much. How are there any Africans left after all those Californians get done eating them?

    Seriously, even to the apparent claim–that an American consumes more than do four hundred people in Africa–I’m skeptical. Mean income in sub-Saharan Africa is about $2000/person each year, which would suggest Americans ought to have income of $800k on average.

    I’m not getting my share of that, either. The actual number in 2016 was about $32k, which would peg African median income at about $80. Not.buying.it. They’re poor there, but not that poor, on average.

  6. I hate factoids like this, they are intended to obfusticate, not inform.
    The only time I have actually had success in making a Lefty reexamine his views was after he emailed me the factoid that the United States had five percent of the world’s population, but consumed twenty-five percent of its resources.
    When we next met in person I mentioned his email and informed him that Americans produced more twenty-five percent of the world’s wealth (this was the early – mid 90s). I told him the number that he should be looking at is resources consumed versus wealth produced, and America won this hands down. Poor Africans are terrible models, they burn down forests to graze a few more skinny cows on the reclaimed acres. He actually confessed that I was right, and that his factoid sounded good, but was really meaningless.

  7. Let me go further into what I meant, so I don’t sound heartless.
    Subsistence farmers are doing the best that they can under difficult circumstances. We are all children of God, In the end, Americans (and I) will not be judged on their economic efficiency.
    But sussistence farmers should be looked on some sort of deal. Subsustence farmers exploit the land as well as they know how in irder to provide for themselves and their families. They are environmentally destructive. The Polynesians introduced pigs, and rats, and destructive insects to the Hawaiian Islands a few centuries before the Europeans discovered them and the Americans colonized them. At first they only knew how to grow wet taro (a staple crop) When, about 1600 AD, they discovered a method of growing “dry” taro with irrigation, they spread from the wet sides of the Hawaiian Isalnds to the dry sides, creating all kinds of environmental havoc.
    The answers are never easy. It is a cheap sentment to say you will have “managed growth.” You can’t manage growth because you don’t know the future. “Managed growth” could put us on the path to extinction.

  8. Don’t worry about sounding heartless, MP; we’re in a war. You may not think so, but they do.

  9. MP,
    You are not heartless in my book. Especially when the Soros funded organization “Zero Population Growth” is still around. They have even renamed themselves, but can’t remember what off the top of my head.

    Bill Gates is another globalist that espouses reducing the world’s population.

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