Better Late Than Never

Joe Doakes from Como Park sent this to me back around Christmas Eve – and I spent most of that intervening week either on the road or on my back with the flu. But while holidays come and go, the economy is always timely:

You can judge the state of the economy by how many businesses are open Christmas Eve.
In bad times, you can’t miss a single customer.  You’re open for business, even if it’s only the owner and his wife staffing the store.
In good times, you can afford to take a day off and even pay your employees for no work.  The store closes early, if it opens at all.
How’s the economy in your neighborhood? 

Can’t speak for Christmas Eve – I was in North Dakota, where the rules are a little different – but I did notice I couldn’t find a place to grab a bite to eat anywhere on New Years Day.

Maybe there’s something to that…

6 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never

  1. It appears that the Trump’s well-conceived economic policies are working. Tariffs and trade wars are a perfect strategy to strengthen the US economy.  Adding  billions annually to the national deficit has also provided  a solid foundation for  growth.  The president’s capriciousness and unpredictability has also been welcomed by American businesses and investors (and our allies).  Why in the world would investors withdraw money from the market.   

  2. Well Emery, I guess maybe they don’t trust the economically illiterate Dems to keep the ball rolling, as evidenced by the reactions of the world markets yesterday.

    True to form, their first action was to kick the can down the road and draft a temporary budget to end their shutdown. And both Schumer and Piglosi have the ignorance and hypocrisy to accuse President Trump of throwing temper tantrums? Assholes!

  3. Oh, snap!

    Jobs report for December = 312,000 jobs added (I’ll allow that some of them were seasonal), blowing out the estimate of 176,000 and wages rose 3.2%. 2018 payroll gains = $2.64 million

  4. Joe, the economy in my part of the world is there are more jobs to be filled than there are people wanting them.

    Emery, I don’t know what’s worse: your ignorance, or your apparent enjoyment of embarrassing yourself in the comments section of this blog.

  5. Bosshoss429: How does that square up against all of the market gains throughout six-plus years of Obama, with the republicans “doing nothing but resistance”?

  6. So, I read this tweet today:

    It’s pretty clear that what’s driving Trump now isn’t a governing strategy. It isn’t a re-election strategy. It’s a “hold enough of your base to stop the Senate from convicting when the House impeaches” strategy. Trump must expect that the Mueller report will be very bad for him.

    and I thought to myself just how much this sounds like Emery. People? I think we’ve been in the presence of greatness without even knowing it. The tweet above is from Bill Kristol.

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