White Liberal Gilt

A friend of the blog writes:

Those young, progressive, priveleged white men who fight their older progressive, priveleged counterparts are just so entertaining. Here, the new executive director of Union Park District Council is essentially calling some of the people in Union Park racist because they are opposing large development projects in their backyards.

He, and other young progressives, cry about lack of affordability (for some other group of unknown people), while they live in their single family homes in Mac Groveland or Highland Park (as is the case for this director.) Thinking about affordability, I wonder how these young, just out of college people afford their houses in neighborhoods like Mac Groveland or Highland Park. Thinking about racism, I wonder why these young, privileged white people chose those neighborhoods instead of the more transit connected, affordable neighborhoods in the city…

Urban Progressive Privilege – when nobody who matters in your social and vocation circle will ever call you on “inconsistencies” like this.

I’ve found that the correlation between these young non-profiteers and old Saint-Paul-DFL money is really, really high.

4 thoughts on “White Liberal Gilt

  1. I know that when I moved to the Twin Cities, I lived in an apartment for 6 months, until I found a single family home in Highland Park that I could just barely afford.

    Many of these young, college educated people have already leveraged themselves to the hilt to pay for their education from St. Thomas, St. Kates, or Macalester, and couldn’t afford to buy me out.

  2. I live in a single family home in Meriam Park (bordering the two neighborhoods mentioned above) and take vast pleasure in arguing with the city council reps on the Meriam Park neighborhood Facebook group. Not too long ago I made a comment about how I don’t want rezoning development along Marshal Ave to include 5 story new buildings as it will eventually bring down my home’s property value being 1 bollocking away. I was quickly called racist and privileged because I can own a home in the neighborhood (due to fiscal responsibility and hard work mind you). The unfortunate reality is that I will probably take disposable income and property tax dollars (about $5k/ year) elsewhere if this trend continues. We cannot even have a intellectual conversation or express a differing opinion without immediately being defeated by an emotional argument…unfortunate.

  3. I can understand loosening zoning restrictions to allow development from a free market perspective. But, the city likes to dictate where and when, so they don’t want to go that far. (See Ryan Companies debate with the city regarding what is economically feasible at the Ford site). Some urban planning is necessary and it is perfectly reasonable for property owners to want to protect values. Both views reflect economics, not race.

    But, of course what happens is we get overeach in which the local government encourages the latest fad development instead of what makes sense long term. It’s why we have transit that doesn’t work and bike lanes with no users and we’ll have high rises that aren’t maintained in a few years. The young priveleged white progressive elites, who really have no interest in mixing with non-priveleged non-whites, keep requesting these things “for others” so they always feel secure in their status. It’s a good way to keep others from gain power or status.

  4. Young Brandon is sporting a rose on his twitter page, which I understand is the high sign for Socialists.

    Socialism is rooted in genocide and class based cleansing. Being a blood thirsty sub-human mutt is not always overt, like wearing the heads of the wealthy like a hat.

    Before Brandon becomes offended by being called a blood thirsty, sub-human mutt, he should pause, and investigate the history/his views on the killing fields of Cambodia.

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