Why, It’s Almost As If That Were The Plan

Booming foreign-born populations, highly dependent on big government, lead to electoral sweeps.

The biggest problem with the huge numbers of Somali immigrants isn’t that they’re Muslim, or the possibility that less than a percent of Minnesota’s population might “impose Sharia law”.  ‘

It’s that they support “progressivism” today.  And “progressivism” is the one ideology that can destroy America.

3 thoughts on “Why, It’s Almost As If That Were The Plan

  1. These people have no idea what they’re voting for, and they don’t care. They see reprobate leftists as Toyota pickups distributing free rice to their shithole villages.

    They like rice, but they want steak, so the reprobates promise steak, but explain that white Republicans don’t want to donate cows; they have to be replaced so steak can flow.

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