All The News That Fits (The Narrative)

A friend of the blog writes:

So, a group of black men video a Chipotle manager refusing service to them. Video goes viral. Good Morning America is all over it. Manager fired.

Except, we find out these guys dine and dash all the time. Brag about it on Twitter… 

Corporate virtue signaling has become more important than, well, corporate virtue.

25 thoughts on “All The News That Fits (The Narrative)

  1. Amazing how fast Somalis have learned how to scam the system.

    That crew displayed the *exact* same sense of entitlement and distain for society as Ilhan Omar did when she married her brother to get him into the country and hook him up with a government student loan.

    Alpha news and PJ Media have convincing evidence of the crime, but she gave zero f*cks, ran for US Congress, and won.

    Why wouldn’t the crew conclude Chipotle owed them free food?

    Even the ones that don’t commit overt crimes, have latched on to the political parasites that promise free stuff.

  2. How can you D&D at Chipotle? At a sit-down restaurant, they deliver the meal trusting that I will pay. At Chipotle, they hold the meal at the register until I pay.

    Do these guys reach over the counter to grab their food from the cashier? That’s robbery. Sounds as if Chipotle needs security cameras facing the till and a big bulletin board on the wall so they can pin up photos of thieves who are no longer welcome in the store.

  3. One of the miscreant’s tweets or posts questioned whether or not Chipotle was on to their scam and if they should find a new place to rip off.

  4. I’ve never been to a Chipotle – I have always assumed it was a fast food place where you pay at the counter like McDonald’s. Is that not the case? How would they be able to dine and dash in a place like that? You can’t dine and dash at McDonald’s. I am assuming that at Chipotle there is no table service – if that is true, how would they dine and dash?

  5. My thought is the same as those others; how do you dine & dash there? The transcript clearly says, though, that the employees knew these guys from previous dine & dash.

    Proper approach; call the cops on them, no?

    At any rate, I’ve not eaten at the one in question, but I have eaten at one right off the U campus on the west side, and it was one of the strangest restaurants I’ve seen. One entrance was locked, bathrooms were only available if you asked people for a key. They obviously were dealing with people who didn’t just want to get a burrito and pay for it.

  6. You order at one end of the line… they warm your tortilla, put the stuff in it, move it on down the line….

    At the end you pay but there is an opportunity to grab your bag and walk out the door certainly. The ergonomics of a Chipotle probably makes it easier than in some other places.

    So… this kind of dine and dash is a little bit of a strong arm theft, even though we are not talking large $ amounts in value.

  7. First of all, I like Schlichter’s tweet to Chipotle: You’re terrible. You treat your employees like garbage when they’re just trying to protect you interests and do their job. You’re so afraid of criticism you take the side of a crook over the side of your hard-working employees. It’s disgraceful.

    Second, given enough nerve and little distraction, a Chipotle meal, all packed up to go in a bag, can be quickly and easily grabbed and run with. C’mon, this isn’t rocket science. Look at the people involved.

  8. … oh, yeah, and on top of that Chipotle talks about re-training and re-hiring [in that order] if the facts warrant. Re-training whom?

  9. The young millennial manager there was perfectly adequately professional there in her interactions with the aggrieved customers. She didn’t escalate, didn’t inflame, she had poise.

  10. They hired the manager back.
    That shows that the system works!
    And when they fired the manager?
    That shows that the system works!

  11. Gaming social justice warriors is even easier.

    There needs to be a sport invented to do this.

  12. The best way to game the SJW’s is to stop identifying as white, or a male, at least under official circumstances. What will they do when there are no white men to blame for the ills of the world?
    I’ve been identifying as native american for years. No tribal affiliation, just native american.
    Minnesota’s department of health gave me an assist by revising my birth certificate. The original says both my parents are white. The new copy has all references to race removed.
    Being a native american is great! You don’t have to speak any language, have an identifying name, adhere to any religion, or look a certain way. You just kind of are what you are. Except you aren’t white, you are native american.

  13. Lol, white supremacist criminal gangs aren’t what they used to be:
    “The Ghostface Gangsters gang is very violent and their members will not hesitate to shoot at anyone,” Pak said, according to the station.
    It is described as white supremacist by the Anti-Defamation League, though it says only “some” members identified as such. Federal officials also called the group “white supremacist” in a news release, though Pak said there was some dispute within the group about whether to allow black members . . .

  14. Ilhan Omar -> Masud Omar Ali
    How many degrees of separation do you think there is?
    If Masud is, as I suspect, family, then he will become part of a Very Special Protected Class once Ilhan is sworn into office.
    Look into her past family history (father, grandfather,etc) she has just entered into the family business: being a corrupt public official.

  15. Obama is using the liberal definition of “we,” which is “you.”
    I have never been able to understand how anyone can listen to Barack Obama speak and believe that they are listening to a wise person. It’s all bien pensant and platitudes, and praise for the educated. The man is a popinjay.

  16. I wonder if The new evidence is a video of the well established Somali snatch & grab gang during an earlier heist.

    If so, Ima suggest it’s Chipotle’s civic duty to turn it over to the coppers for prosecution. Otherwise they’re just shoveling the shit down the street into someone else’s yard.

  17. “Gaming Chipolte is easy. Gaming social justice warriors is even easier”

    Yes. This exactly!

    And I noticed Lauren Dozier deleted her tweet to Masud and locked up her account now. Maybe she’ll be more careful next time before she just runs with a story. I doubt it, though.

  18. MP, I think you owe the popinjays of the world an apology. :^)

    I’d have said something a bit more earthy; he is living evidence of the old proverb we used in college; “If you can’t blind them with brilliance, blind them with b**ls**t.” Especially galling is his cavalier assertion that stopping global warming/climate change/whatever wouldn’t break the bank, as if about half the world’s population were not within spitting range of being back in the stone age. It is for him as if the IPCC hadn’t estimated how many trillions of dollars their plan would cost….and as if others hadn’t come back and said “way lower than reality.”

  19. File the story under BBQ Becky syndrome. Have a POC engage in actions that more often then not are a prelude to a crime, then video the victim and aggrieved POC when the cops arrive. Bonus Pokemon points for getting the victim fired, a la Starbucks.

  20. I am grateful for people like Masud. They bring diversity to a place that was way too law-abiding.

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