Coming Soon To A Cut-Out Bin Near You

An Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren bio for, apparently, kids:

The lesson?  That any girl born into immense wealth, prestige and class privilege can still find a way to grow up to be an identity pimp.

5 thoughts on “Coming Soon To A Cut-Out Bin Near You

  1. It’s probably some trick of photography or perhaps some Freudian thing in my head, but the two letters S in the word “persisted” look to me like dollar signs. Nevertheless, she PER$I$TED.

  2. Likely it’s more of a pamphlet than a book. A short preamble by Dr. Carlos D. Bustamante on DNA protocol, and a few pages of Liz’s childhood memories of stories of her Cherokee lineage. A short appendix at the end of the pamphlet on how to game…err…”persist” in taking advantage of Affirmative Action rules.

  3. It’s worth noting that when that little quote was coined, Warren was citing fellow “man of the people” Teddy Kennedy in her fight against Jeff Sessions. So at least she’s consistent in her populism.

    Good thing for the rest of us that Oldsmobiles are no longer made, eh?

  4. Warren did grow up modestly middle class (and white) in Oklahoma. Lawyering made her rich. Particularly, defending asbestos manufacturers against liability claims.

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