Over the past two years, there’s been an epidemic of violence perpetrated by people on the left against Republicans, conservatives, Trump supporters, and anyone else the left considers untermensch.  

Some liberals, to be fair, decry the violence – but not only do you have many high-profile liberals calling for it, and calling for more, but many more quibble that it actually happens, or that it’s really as bad as the victims say it is.

But now we come to hear that both prog plutocrat financier George Soros, Barack Obama and the Clintons have received some form of explosive device or another.

Right before the election.

Simply amazing, isn’t it?

If someone on the right is behind this, then they need to be arrested and prosecuted until their ears bleed.

But it does seem waaaaaaaaaaaaay too convenient, doesn’t it?

31 thoughts on “Bombs

  1. If someone on the right is behind this, then they need to be arrested and prosecuted until their ears bleed.

    Orrrr sent to Army Ordinance school.

  2. I’m in the “way to convenient” camp, given who the “targets” of the packages are, nasty subversive folks to say the least. Each has a track record of going to any extreme or dirty trick in order to accomplish their goals and agenda.

  3. the continuing Antifa violence has been registering with progressive pollsters as a negative…
    so the progressives have to stage something that
    a)validates the Antifas,
    b)reestablishes the Democrats as the True victims who are just struggling for justice, and
    c) recaptures the narrative

  4. The Left, on occasion, does some really impressive machivellian stuff, this could be one of them. It could also literally blow up in the faces (pun intended)

  5. It is a well-known fact that Soros, Obama and the Clintons all open their own mail. (The Clintons are especially eager to see what checks what may have arrived.)

  6. Per NW’s joke, it strikes me as interesting to think that whoever it was may have thought that a bomb would actually get past the Secret Service–and I’d guess that Soros has some pretty good people taking care of his security, too. Either that, or, as others note, good for a nasty headline and political hay.

    And perhaps the perpetrator also knew, as appears to be the case in at least one attempt, that investigators would destroy evidence of who created the bomb by detonating it. Hopefully investigators pulled prints before doing so.

  7. Trump’s really got his antifa base stirred up.

    It’s one thing to accost politicians in a restaurant, but placing pipe-bombs in mailboxes is terrorism. Which side do you think is doing this?

  8. Trump’s really got his antifa base stirred up.

    Who is his antifa base Emery? Im seriously dying to hear this one.

  9. Somebody ask Steve Scalise and Rand Paul about the “non-violent protest” they have survived.

  10. The silver lining is that we get a break from Trump’s boasting about driving up the markets. He grabbed the reins last December 20 when he signed the tax bill and started the trade war.

    S&P was at 2680 when he leapt into action.

    10 months later we’re at 2656.

  11. I’ve come to the point where I read NOTHING from Emery, ignore the dingbat and he’s likely to go away, his comments will be left in a vacuum, as is his intellect, and plagiaristic rants.

  12. They look like they were cut and pasted from a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

    Don’t ya just hate that rabbit, Dunning_Kruger?

  13. Mitch, you cannot be serious. OMG, you are…. wow.

    The ADL says right-wing terrorism comprises 68% of all terrorist attacks, Jihadi attacks 30% and left wing terrorism… 2%.

    I’ll take any and all bets, this is just another right-wing hater, the President advocates for attacking the press and the left, and his followers eat it up because they are filled with hate. They need people to blame for their problems, so blame the left, they need people to take responsibility for their failures, so, blame the left. Personal accountability is a joke when the right talks about it, they blame everyone except themselves and this President is no different. He foments hate and then acts shocked OR blames the media who got attacked for the attacks on the media.. what a joke.

    So, Mitch, put your money where your mouth is, I’ll bet you $100 this is NOT a left winger. Do you have the guts to take the bet? Do you have the guts to admit you’re wrong when it comes out this person is yet another right-wing terrorist?

  14. I wish MBerg made you pass a quiz based on the article before you could comment.

    Does that mean we wouldn’t hear from you again?

  15. The most suspicious thing I’ve heard about this is that the Soros employee that found the bomb moved it to a wooded area before calling police. Seems like an awfully risky and stupid thing to do.

  16. “They attempted to bomb a man who survived Nazi occupation today

    A) Don’t end your sentence with a preposition. I haven’t heard of any recent Nazi occupations, let alone one currently happening.

    Start the sentence with it: Today, they attempted…. Apparently, she’s uneducated in economics AND English.

    2) It must be tough “surviving a Nazi occupation” when you’re on the side of the occupiers.

  17. I wish MBerg made you pass a quiz based on the article before you could comment.

    LMFAO! No Dunning_Kruger, you do not wish that. The pea in your head can’t even keep the topic clear long enough for you to find an intelligent answer related to the topic to plagiarize!

  18. Incidentally, Mitch, I condemn, repudiate and object to, in the strongest possible terms, ANY left-wing (or center, or right-wing) politico, news source, or even individual who suggests violence is justified. G.Gordon Liddy was wrong, extremism in defense of liberty is nothing other than an excuse for violence and a salve for the ego of the hate-filled and violent. You are, were and will be my friend first. I implore your readers to learn to find a way to agreement, just as you and I so often have, away from the prying eyes of this blog.

  19. Gonna help you out here, Penigma. You are speaking out against people suggesting something they don’t know by…..telling us something you don’t know, namely that it was an actual terrorist attempt. See the difficulty?

    Now if we’re going to argue terrorism, well, another source finds 65 by right wingers since 2001 and 98 by Islamists, so let’s just start by noting that your numbers are at least contested. I believe the ADL has been also found “putting their fingers on the scales” to redefine things in this regard.

    What we’re arguing, however, is false flag events, and–Rathergate, etc..–I think the left has that one clearly won. Again, why ya gonna put political rhetoric on a bomb you want to explode–and destroy that message?

  20. Hmm, I went through that ADL report and I didn’t see any mention of these events, but maybe I wasn’t looking closely enough. Seems odd, but many of the events are somewhat recent so maybe the ADL is working on an update. That’s it.

  21. Interesting that the targets of these bombings are 6 black, 5 white. I’m sure a leftist did it now… yeah. And I’m sure the GOP is not a place where white NATIONALISTS find a home. So good to see you aren’t likely to pick up right-wing chanting points.

  22. OK, we would determine whether this was a real terrorist attack by the distribution of targets exactly….how, Penigma? Attacking “diverse” politicians works just as well if it’s a false flag operation than as it would with a real bigot of either party.

    Honestly, do some thinking. You’ve got the politically provocative display of things that would not exist anymore if the devices had worked, and a lot of reasons to believe that few, if any, of those devices would actually work. It’s not absolute proof, but the evidence we have leans to “false flag”.

  23. Arrest Made, Cesar Sayoc. Assuming they have the right guy, Mitch, you owe me $100 or at least, an apologetic correction to the left for defaming them/insulting them because you fell victim to a right-wing chanting point.

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