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Senator Warren just held a press conference saying that genetics tests prove that she is of between 1/64 and 1/512 Native American ancestry – and therefore “Native American”

Those same tests say that I – one of the most northern European people I know, and proud of it – am between 1/64 and 1/256 African-American.

If I were to use my “African-American heritage” to get preferential treatment, including prestigious academic appointments, based on a genetic sample like that, not only would people mock and taunt me, I would mock and taunt myself. And I would deserve it.

Please, my Democrat friends – nominate this woman for president in 2020.

16 thoughts on “Fight The Power

  1. I found it very funny when the leader of the Cherokee Nation, delivered a verbal smack down on Fauxcahontas, essentially calling her just that.

  2. well ok, Warren can be the Democrat nominee but only after a long, expensive and extremely bitter primary battle against Hillary Clinton (America’s very own Lady Macbeth) that ends with Clinton staffers dragging her tottering, coughing, rotting carcass off the stage. And this time we want better production values.

  3. She was born in Oklahoma, which is part of America. She is a native of America, therefore she is a Native American.

    Hey! That means I am, too — and my DNA test shows 100% European!

  4. A corollary of Berg’s Seventh Law is that leftists always tip off which mediocrity they’re going all-in on.

    I was an active reader of the financial blogs before and during the meltdown of 2008. I had never heard of Elizabeth Warren. Out of the blue, she became “the most qualified person” and even “the only person” to run the proposed Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (the government agency that now consumes over half a billion tax dollars–thank you Dodd and Frank). I knew then the fix was on for Ms. Warren although I didn’t know why.

    She was destined for big things and was installed as The Honorable Senator from Massachusetts. She is on the short list as “the most qualified person” ever to run for president. You have to marvel at how leftists rally behind their own, even ludicrous figures like Ms. Warren.

    And I ask you this: Isn’t it time we had our first Cherokee president?

  5. I believe this is consistent with the Jim Crow Dems who believed in the one drop rule, you know the rule about heritage so racist the Nazis thought it was too much.

  6. My DNA tests came back less than 1% middle eastern at first, but when AncestryDNA did their notable model update a few weeks ago, mine was revised to less than 1% Finnish… which is probably right (reflects some known intermingling of the Norwegians in my family with 1 Finn 150 years ago or so in the old country).

    Its to say though, people who are obviously 100% European getting tests back with trace African or Middle Eastern ancestry is usually statistical noise that will be removed from the model in time. Also to say, Warren’s “NA” heritage is probably statistical noise rather than an actual 18th century NA ancestor.

  7. Since no one is really male and apparently no one is really white and given that we all lie about our age, no one is really old……there goes that whole “old white male” thing.

    So as a not-that-old, not-that-white, non-gendered person…. am I supposed to vote Democrat?

  8. I wonder how many DNA experts Warren shopped before she found one that would say that she has trace amounts of Native American DNA?
    Whatever her background, Warren is among the elite of the elites. She seems to have no idea how normal, working Americans think, and she despises their values.
    Back in 2010, when Warren was less well known, Megan McCardle did an in-depth critique of Warren’s scholarship:
    Warren has never, as far as i know, responded to the points McCardle raised regarding the deceptiveness and poor quality of Warren’s academic research.

  9. Shopped… That’s a proper description, yes. Something like an AncestryDNA finding of NA ancestry would been persuasive, and you can bet she took a commercial test like that. If you are hell bent on arguing you have NA ancestry and your AncestryDNA test doesn’t find it in amounts that can be expressed above ‘misc / inconclusive’, then the next, escalated step is to find an academic that will express an evaluation just like the one she got.

  10. Live by identity politics, die by identity politics. She’s got 1/1024th of my vote!

  11. I’m 1/1000 Chilean.
    Presidente Pinochet did nothing wrong! Viva Pinochet! Fire up the choppers!

  12. My Senator, Lindsay Graham has been on fire. HE says he’s gonna take a DNA test because he thinks he’s got Fauxcahontas beat.

    Don’t know who slipped Lindsay the Red pill, or how, but he’s Based.

  13. How does anyone know it was actually her blood that was used for the DNA analysis? With the push-back she’s getting on her NA claims I doubt she’ll using the Cher song “Half-Breed” in her 2020 campaign.

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