Robots Gonna Robot

After weeks of leading Democrat leadership and media figures calling for Democrats to “get in Republicans’ faces…

…that’s exactly what they, loyal droogs all, are doing.

Remember when Democrats said, with straight faces, that Sarah Palin’s use of crosshairs on a map would make Republicans start shooting up democratic events? In retrospect, it had to have been a Bergs Seventh Law reference; they were projecting their own behavior onto people they were “othering”. Last week, an MNDFL staffer called for Republicans to be “guillotined” after the election:

Last week, DFL staffer William Davis responded to a Facebook post that said, “On 11.6- take back your country.” On that post, Davis commented, “On 11.7- bring them to the guillotines.”

Staffer Davis claimed it was “an inside joke” among DFL staffers. Am I the only one who can hear the Democrats, in my mind, tut-tutting about what a bunch of sick puppies Republicans would be if their “inside jokes” were like that?

Anyway – the depravity that the Democrat leadership is asking for in as many words, is happening.

First, Sarah Anderson was attacked by a sign vandal in Plymouth,  after confronting him trying to steal one of her signs:

“I said, ‘You can’t do this!’ And he said, ‘Yes, I can, I’m an anarchist! I can do whatever I want!’ And I said, ‘No, you can’t, that’s not your property,’” Anderson said.

Anderson tried unsuccessfully to videotape the encounter as the man backed her into the street, swearing.

“And he charged at me again, and he said, ‘Go kill yourself,’ and I end up stepping here and there’s traffic coming.”

That’s when Anderson got back in her car and saw the man walking on foot toward a gas station.

She drove to the station and captured a cellphone image of the man charging her — again. He tried to stop her from leaving, punching her in the arm.

“I said, ‘I’m leaving now. I’m leaving now.’ And he was still with his head in my vehicle, just yelling,” Anderson said. “He was irrational, just completely irrational.”

And up in Becker, Shane Mekeland gave details of an attack over the weekend:

Mekeland described his assailant as a man who was a “much, much bigger person” who “did not seem dangerous” when he first approached to ask questions about Mekeland’s campaign. Mekeland said the man gave no immediate indication of political leanings but that remarks the man made as he attacked Mekeland suggested a political motivation.

“It was a typical politically charged statement — not necessarily one way or the other, just a statement in general,” said Mekeland, who declined to elaborate. “But it was in reference to politicians not caring about the middle class.”

Modern “progressivsm” is historically rooted in the notion that the ends justify the means, and is largely peopled by those who have a deep sense of entitlement.  The question, to those of us who study them, isn’t so much “when will they get violent” – they’ve already inflicted a massive amount of violence – but when will the attacks turn systematically deadly.

We are dealing with people that demented, here.

11 thoughts on “Robots Gonna Robot

  1. Staffers, candidates, volunteers, and rally attendees should all be trained to have their smart phones at the ready and set up for one button activation with automatic streaming to the cloud so that more of these confrontations are captured and disseminated. These privileged progressives and their media adjuncts (looking at you, ‘CCO & MPR) need to be confronted at every turn with the violence they foster in support of tolerance and inclusiveness

  2. Trump set the current standard for campaigning. For someone who loves to hurl insults at others Trump and his people are remarkably thin skinned.

  3. NW, has Emery ever actually made an argument? Just sayin’.

    For my part, as a prospective juror, I’ve got to say that if someone is accused of drawing their legally carried concealed weapon when someone tries to back them into a busy street, and should just happen to shoot that person trying to get them run over by a bus, I would be very, very reluctant to convict. Just sayin’.

  4. Robots have no morality (or immorality); they do the task they are programmed to do without contemplating good or bad. While you might say the same of the shock troops in this instance, they do have a moral sense, vestigial as it might be.

    Perhaps a better headline would be, “Droogs gonna droog.”

  5. Trump set the current standard for campaigning

    This looks to me to be an example of whataboutism and as I’ve been told whataboutism is bad. I look forward to the explanation (read: gaslighting).

  6. Someone certainly has forgotten how to string a sentence together.

    You just google one up, copy and paste, right scrotum breath?

  7. Put gently, it takes a “lot of d**n gall”, to quote Arlo Guthrie from “Alice’s Restaurant”, to pretend that the party supported by the Occupy Movement had nothing to do with the decline in political civility.

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