Angie Craig: Miracle Worker!

Angie Craig would seem to have been the first person in the world to have discovered an “NRA sharpshooter” who keeps his finger on the trigger while racking a round.

He also points the gun at his hand during the course of the commercial.

If you’re a non-shooter: “Keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot” and “don’t point your gun at something you’re not willing to destroy, right now” are two of the inviolable rules of gun safety.

“Sharpshooter”? Please. Any competent range safety officer would look at this and yell at him so hard it’d give him dermabrasion. This is Angie Craig’s tame Fudd shooter.

Anyone breaking those rules claiming to be a “sharpshooter” of any kind is a fraud and a liar. And so is any politician putting them out there.

If this guy is a credible voice for shooters, I’m a point guard on the Portland Trailblazers. And Angie Craig is, well, a businesswoman.

In fact, the guy in the ad is a known gun control activist – and if he was ever an NRA member, it was a long, long time ago. Judging by his grip, that was the last time he shot a firearm, too. The ad is playing to what we human rights activists call the “Fudds ” – hunters who figure, wrongly, that gun controllers will never come for their deer rifles and duck guns.

This ad – and Angie Craig – need to be mocked and taunted.

Pass the video around for suitable mocking and taunting.

UPDATE:  The guy is “Bob Mokos”, and we’ve sort of met.  I went to the “Protect” MN / Moms Want Action event  oin the . mean streets of Eagan a couple years ago.   I saw him give his speech.   And I was struck – then as now – by the fact that at no point in his story about his sister’s murder did he ever mention a perpetrator.

Not once.


Seemed odd to me.

12 thoughts on “Angie Craig: Miracle Worker!

  1. The man in the ad is Bob Mokos. Star Tribune reports he’s been a gun control activist since the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012.

    His sister, Diane Mokos Kriz, was killed in Chicago in 1986. Doesn’t look like they caught the guy who shot her or why she was shot. Mugging gone bad? Divorced husband? Religious dispute? Not clear.

    Mr. Mokos is the type of gun control advocate that I decline to debate. He carries his dead sister’s photograph to demand a position of absolute moral superiority. Any challenge to his public policy recommendations is an insult to the dead sister. That’s not rational debate, that’s emotional battery.

    Democrats use people like Mr. Mokos because they don’t want a debate, they want a lecture. Hearing only one side on an issue is a poor basis to enact public policy . . . unless the public policy you want to enact is itself a poor policy, one that will not accomplish the stated goal but merely allows you to signal your virtue. Then the one-sided lecture is perfect.

    Mr. Mokos is not a victim. His sister was the victim. Mr. Mokos is a shill.

  2. “Diane Mokos Kriz, was killed in Chicago in 1986.”

    Let’s get straight to it. Is there any doubt she was killed by a feral Negro, probably in the act of robbing her?

    And Bob, Mr. “Sharpshooter” thinks some more laws would have saved her? Got news for ol’ Bob. The ONLY thing that MIGHT have saved her would have been a pistol in her possession.

    How is it that Mr. NRA sharp shooter didn’t teach his sister how to defend herself? What did Diane do to Bob to make him hate her so much?

  3. More about Diane:

    “A second Hyde Park gun assault has been linked to a man sought in the fatal shooting of a La Grange woman Saturday.
    Area 1 Detective Cmdr. James Delaney said the second victim, Marion Ray, 46, was shot in the head and chest by a robber about 9:30 a.m. Saturday in a third-floor hallway of her apartment building at 1450 E. 55th Pl.
    Ray was listed in fair condition yesterday at the University of Chicago’s Mitchell Hospital.
    Delaney said the shooting occurred three hours after the suburban La Grange victim, Diane Mokos Kriz, 46, was found shot to death about 6:30 a.m. at the rear of 5407 S. Hyde Park. Detectives said Kriz was killed in an apparent robbery.”

    Bob told the Strib his sister “was killed outside a religious building”. The police say she was killed at the rear of 5407 S. Hyde Park, which is a rather upscale brownstone near Lake Shore Drive. There’s no “religious building” anywhere in the area.,-87.5840307,3a,75y,166.5h,90t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s1D6hzCyTnzR3scJkbX5MkA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

    Bob lied. As Emery has taught us Falsus in Uno, Falsus in Omnibus.

  4. And another thing. The ad shows Bob keeps his pistol in a safe.

    Why does Bob have a pistol? It’s not a rare, collectable piece, it’s a run of the mill 9mm. A gun in a safe is as much use as a bar of soap in an Occupy encampment; why keep it at all? Bob hates guns…they killed Diane, right?

    His clumsy handling shows he is not familiar with that pistol. The evidence suggests Bob put a prop gun into a prop safe. Bob is a serial liar, and no doubt, a leftist reprobate to boot.

    Mitch, have you ever seen Bob and Emery in the same place at the same time?

  5. The solution is obvious. Keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people, like liberal gun control activists. For that matter, keep cameras and microphones away from them, since if they can’t be trusted with one Constitutional right, they can’t be trusted with others, either.

  6. Because the truth is important: The Hyde Park University Bible Fellowship is near there. I stand corrected on that fact.

  7. I don’t know when Mr. Mokos qualified but in my day, NRA Sharpshooter was not the highest score, it was second lowest. In my Pistol Marksmanship class in 1978, I qualified as Distinguished Expert but you don’t hear me asserting that as proof that my public policy recommendations are correct. Mr. Mokos mentions it hoping establish credibility as an expert on all things related to firearms – operation, safe handling, ownership – but for those who understand the topic, he’s “shooting himself in the foot.”

    Once again, we see Democrats playing to ignorance rather than educating. Because an educated public wouldn’t adopt their ignorant proposals.

  8. Regarding the tragedy of the death of Mokos’ sister, Hyde Park is somewhat prosperous, but it borders some of the worst neighborhoods in the city. It also is, of course, in a city that has been a showplace of some of the most restrictive gun control laws in the country. So it is somewhat odd that Mokos is doubling down on those policies as a memorial to her, seeing that those policies arguably created a lot of Chicago’s free fire zones that killed her.

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