Rhetorical Questions?

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Remember Dan Rather, who insisted the letters showing President Bush lied about his military service were “fake but accurate?”

Remember the Cindy Sheehan, the Code Pink lady who protested at President Bush’s ranch because her son died in the war in Iraq?

Remember David Hogg, the kid who hid in the closet during the school shooting and became a national spokesman for gun control?

They were hot topics, media sensations, invited on all the news shows.  Their every utterance was treated as having absolute moral authority and cited by Democrat politicians as proof of the urgency to enact Liberal policies.  But none of those people are in the news anymore.  It’s as if they never existed.  They were used as props and discarded the moment they were no longer useful.

And now we have Christine Blasey Ford, who accuses Judge Kavanaugh of sexual assault when they were teenagers.  That’s enough to temporarily resurrect Anita Hill, the woman who accused Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment during his confirmation hearings.  She won’t be in the limelight long.  She’s old news, too.

What is wrong with those people, that they’re willing to be exploited and later abandoned, merely to get a few seconds of attention?  Have they no pride?

What is wrong with those people who are willing to exploit and later abandon innocents who merely want a few seconds of attention?  Have they no shame?

Joe Doakes

Because it’ll be different with them…

8 thoughts on “Rhetorical Questions?

  1. Joe,
    its a dopamine thing, all that attention, the fawning sycophants, pretty news drones, important people asking your opinion… it validates what they’ve always believed about themselves; that they are special, sui generis, called by god to right wrongs, it means they are recognized!. It is intoxicating, addicting, and lacking any well defined moral compass they will do whatever they must to prolong that exquisite flood of pleasure.
    I used to go to casinos with a friend who was a degenerate gambler, but astonishingly lucky, routinely winning and losing a year’s salary in one night. When he would hit a jackpot and the lights started flashing and bells ringing and the people swarming around – that was what he lived for, but by 6 in the morning when he had to leave for work he’d have lost it all. When I look at Sheehan or Hogg in front of the cameras I see the same rapturous self-regard I used to see on my friend’s face. Like my friend they are degenerates.

  2. They are the epitome of what Lenin (at least I believe it was him) called “useful idiots”.

  3. Let’s ignore Rather as he was rather the idiot in attempting to defend his actions. He was trying to preserve his prerogative and prestige with his statements.

    Sheehan was fairly committed to her cause and only became toxic to the news media when she continued to protest Obama’s Iraq actions, which violated the filters that the media enforces. Hogg seems similarly committed and an even larger idiot (not surprising given his age). Both of them seem to honestly believe the tomfoolery they espouse.

    Their plays are symbiotic upon the media. They allow themselves to be used by the media with the hope that their agendas will be furthered by media coverage. It’s happened: look at MADD and similar crusades. There’s no reason for shame on their part in hoping that the media can help them.

    As for the media itself, we could have a nice, large discussion on how the MSM is more properly viewed as a parasite on society at large (it actively opposes and undermines half its host), but that’s beyond where I want to go in this post.

  4. Every journalist should be taught that, when the constitution was written, the phrase “freedom of the press” referred to physical printing presses and their product. The use of the word “press” to refer to an industry or vocation dates only to the 1840s.
    Journalists enjoy no more constitutional protection than any other citizen; they are not singled out by the constitution and given special status.
    A J school degree confers no ability to tell shit from shinola.

  5. It strikes me that the reason they do this is because of Roe v. Wade. Huge amounts of liberal politics and culture could not survive the overturning of Roe v. Wade in large parts of the country that wouldn’t keep abortion legal.

    Plus, it strikes me that the accusers never seem to suffer in their careers due to bringing forth accusations that have either “insufficient evidence to proceed” (let alone “sufficient evidence to indict”, “clear and convincing evidence”, or “guilty beyond a reasonable doubt”). I bet Hogg gets into a college for which he’s not entirely qualified, and that Ford moves on to a more prestigious school. Maybe the one up the hill from Palo Alto U.

  6. Ford is in her 50s and largely unaccomplished (yes dozens of published articles where she is co author, the usual academic dross – nothing groundbreaking or even controversial) and still ambitious. She sees equally unaccomplished women doing well, publishing books etc( H Clinton, E Warren, K Harris, A Hill) and working the lucrative lecture circuit. She wants that fame and that money.

  7. Bikebubba wrote:
    It strikes me that the reason they do this is because of Roe v. Wade.

    The entire edifice of modern feminism was built on abortion. Pity, it didn’t have to be that way. You can have equal legal rights, equal pay for equal work, and an end to sexual harassment w/o a legal right to abort. And, of course, no one would be forced to raise a child, and w/o Roe V Wade, abortion would be decided at the state level and be a democratically determined policy, democratically reviewed as necessary, rather than a dictate by 7 now-dead justices.

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