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Latest KSTP-SUSA poll shows Republican Doug Wardlow and antisemitic DFLer Keith Ellison are in pretty much a dead heat in the Attorney General’s race:

When asked if the allegations are a “factor” in whether they vote for Ellison, 40 percent said they “are a factor” and 39 percent said they are not. The other 21 percent said they’re not sure.

“That 40 percent is a serious problem,” Schier said. “It’s probably not going to go away between now and Election Day.”

Of course, KSTP/SUSA’s polling has trended left in the past; evidence to this lies in the observation…:

Despite the allegations, Ellison has a big lead among female “likely voters,” 49 percent to 31 percent. Wardlow leads among men 51 percent to 34 percent.

…that they seem to oversample stupid women 49/31.

4 thoughts on “Whole New Day

  1. It’s never about whether something happened. It’s always about the accused’s political affiliation. Republican? Incinerate him! Democrat? He’s going to be President someday.

  2. I still shake my head about the “factor” stat. Obviously many people are saying it’s a factor but will still vote for him. We call those idiots lying hacks and sheeple.
    If people had honestly answered that question, then those 40% of people would not vote for Ellison. The other side, 39% would be split between Ellison voters and Wardlow supporters like me that had already made up my mind (though I would’ve lied to the pollster and claimed that his abusive ways are the reason I won’t vote for him).

  3. Is there a 3rd party spoiler in this potentially? Man Id love to see Ellisons career come to a end over this, well at least for a cycle.

  4. A line for Republicans “Keith Ellison treats women like he treats the US Constitution.”

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