Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Democrats insist the policy of separating children from adults is inhumane.  I’d like to hear a better policy, one that addresses this situation:

Adult man and little girl are apprehended in Texas walking North, away from the border with Mexico, along with 20 other people.  They have no documents aside from a Xerox copy of Refugee Instructions distributed by an open borders advocacy group, printed in Spanish.

The Border Patrol asks the man for his passport and visa to prove he has legal permission to enter the country.  He says they were stolen.  He claims the girl is his child and they are refugees seeking asylum from persecution in his home country.

The Border Patrol asks the girl “Is this man your Papa?” to which she replies “No, I want my Mama, I want to go home.”

When confronted with the child’s statement, the man says the child’s father was killed by the narco-terrorists who have taken over his village, he is technically the child’s step-father, the child’s mother was travelling with them but was separated from the group when they ran from the Border Patrol, and he is attempting to reach Chicago, where a cousin resides.  He’s hoping to be reunited with his wife there.

He also says he’s read the paper from the advocacy group, knows his rights, demands a lawyer, and insists on being released with the child plus provided transportation and food vouchers according to the policies set by the Obama administration.

You are aware of this news article from 2010, and Border Patrol agency reports documenting the problem is on-going.

You are setting policy.  What should the Border Patrol do with the man and the child for the next few hours?  The next few days?  Long term?

Joe Doakes

Your overthinking it, Joe.

It’s all – every bit of it – about eliciting an emotional response from the ignorant.

Who are the Democrat voting base.

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