A Cold Caracas

Where San Francisco has gone – a hideously expensive city with plummeting quality of life – New York will soon follow:

Beautiful, hilly San Francisco has become known as the city where 20 pounds of poop were dumped on a sidewalk last week in a clear bag and remained there for hours. As The Post noted, “human waste-related complaints in San Francisco have skyrocketed 400 percent from 2008 to 2018,” and “In 2017 alone, more than 21,000 reports were received.”

What happened in San Francisco is obvious. It stopped prosecuting quality-of-life offenses and, unsurprisingly, the quality of life for the city’s residents and visitors decreased sharply.

In 2015, San Francisco courts stopped enforcing bench warrants for such offenses. Police continued writing up tickets for public drunkenness or sleeping in parks, but when the accused failed to show up to their court appearance a judge simply dismissed the outstanding warrant.

New York started following San Francisco’s lead in 2016 when Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr. announced his office would no longer be prosecuting offenses such as public urination. Both cities have accepted that they’ll continue to have a large number of people living on their streets and inevitably using their sidewalks as a toilet.

Progressivism is all about leveling the world out (outside the parts where the kommissars life, anyway); logically, eventually, “leveled out” has to include “…to the level of public rest room”.

Although as Ed Driscoll notes, at least some people are getting their wish:

But as Dan Henninger of the Wall Street Journal warned in 2005, hipsters lamented the loss of the gritty Death Wish/Panic in Needle Park-era Manhattan of the 1970s — and thanks to Mayor de Blasio, they’re getting that city back once again. Good and hard, as Mencken would say.

And since Minneapolis is following the same route – obsessing over virtue-signaling while ignoring quality of life issues – how long until Minneapolis follows suit?

8 thoughts on “A Cold Caracas

  1. San Francisco’s problem is they still track poop complaints. Instruct city employees to stop tracking them and the problem will disappear. The poop won’t disappear, but the problem will. “Poop? What poop? We have no record that anybody complained about poop.”

  2. From proverbial crap holes to full blown crap holes. Even if they remove the mess the stench of what they’ve created remains.

  3. The obvious solution would be to set out Satellite toilets in the areas where most poop is found – but the refusal to do it reveals a fundamental flaw with liberals.

    They reject any solution that does not resonate with appearances.

    It’s like virtue signaling. Virtue means nothing, signaling means everything.

  4. If I lived out there, I would be sorely tempted to make a few outhouses and place them randomly around the shitty….I mean city.

  5. I wonder if the fear of having outside potties is that they’ll be tipped over and become domiciles for the lost folks. The lavatory will still likely be the gutter/boulevard.

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  7. BB – In regards to building outhouses, that reminded me of the Toronto man that built stairs in a park for $550 after the city said that they couldn’t get it done. The city estimate was $65,000.

    So, you could put up the outhouses. The city would either a) tear them down or b) fine you. If they didn’t tear them down (and if they got used), I can’t see them getting pumped out. So, now it’s design them to be able to pull out a tub and burn the waste or deal with fecal matter crowning over the toilet seat.

  8. Street shitting is a leading indication you are in a third world, shithole country…says so, right there in the name.

    Leftist reprobates, however, won’t be satisfied until their slaves are chasing after one another, sniffing asses to identify friend/foe/female in heat.

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