10 thoughts on “Expect A Surge In News About The “Alt Right”

  1. Wow, quotes from the Anti-Defamation League, AIPAC, Southern Poverty Law Center . . . I guess there’s no doubt about it, some schmuck is a horrible person and therefore everybody who voted for Trump should atone for our shame by demanding he resign so Hilary can take office.

    The article does leave me in a dilemma. My political opinions are decidedly more conservative than John McCain or Mitch McConnell, the RINOs who define the Rockefeller Republicans aka the Establishment Right. Before reading this article, I would have described myself as a member of an Alternative to the Establishment Right (Alt-Right) but this article has convinced me they’re a bunch of haters and I’m not a hater.

    So what does that make me, and President Trump, and all the other deplorables?

  2. “So what does that make me, and President Trump, and all the other deplorables?”


  3. Ever wonder why alt-right is a problem but Farrakhan is a darling of the left? And antifa. And ILlegal aliens. And cop killers. And BLM I am sure I had missed someone.

  4. Is the “alt-right” collapsing, or was it always limited to a few hundred guys who came together for the Charlottesville “rally” who then decided that risking arrest and death wasn’t really what they were signing up for? There are racists around, sure–my daughter cares for a few of them in the nursing home–but since Dr. King died, not too many of them are willing to march anymore.

  5. I dabbled with them a bit post election. I ran for the hills when I saw how racist and anti-semitic they are. But they are a tiny, tiny group. Like maybe 10% of what white supremicists are and a lot of them arent even in the US.

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  7. The alt-right is collapsing mainly because the only thing holding it up was the media, which has now found other mirrors and shiny objects in which to preen.

  8. The alt-Good movement takes the best parts of the alt-right; pride in Western culture, a decidedly acidic stance towards the reprobate left, a healthy distrust in government whomever might be in power, snazzy coifs, sweet beards and leaves the Nazi shit for 4Chan to deal with.

    Mostly because in order to be a 21st Century Nazi, you have to have the same cerebral liquefactive necrosis leftists have, but also because they can’t meme for shit.

  9. It is amazing to me as a student of histry how the right got tagged with being equivalent to Nazi’s while when you go back and look at what the Nazis actually stood for and believed its basically what the extreme left IE Bernie Sanders wing of the democratic party is, minus the extreme anti-semitism. But when it comes to political beliefs Sanders=Hitler

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