3 thoughts on “What Is It About “Progressive” Non-Profits…

  1. And Bono sees it all through rose tinted glasses.

    Uh-huh, the guy actually does wear rose tinted glasses. He has glaucoma and thus needs to filter the light that reaches his eyes – but then again he has celebrity and left-wing politics which also must be protected from the harsh light of reality.

  2. Might have something to do with sub-Saharan African politics, no?

    Really, it’s not the peccadillos of the executives and their staffs that bother me as much as it is the gross sins of on the ground volunteers with the people they’re supposedly helping. The AIDS infection rate there is what, and some volunteers insist on schtupping everyone they can con into a bed? Seriously? I get that they’re 10,000 miles from home and away from their accountability structures, that the people they’re trying to help are vulnerable due to imminent starvation and the like, and that some portions of African society are more permissive this way than here, but….seriously?

  3. Seems to me that ONE might have crafted it’s employee conduct manual after that of the United Nations.

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