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Chipotle rolls out bennies, bonuses to hourly employees:

The company is rolling out benefits reaching all of its 71,000 employees, including special cash and stock bonuses and enhanced paid and parental leave.

Qualified hourly employees and salaried restaurant employees will receive a special one-time cash bonus of up to $1,000, and some staff employees will receive a one-time stock grant.

Other offerings will include accelerated training programs, and additional paid parental leave for everyone, from hourly managers to salaried employees.

Didn’t they get the word from Pelosi?

7 thoughts on “More Crumbs

  1. I am no fan of Paul Ryan, but it is worthwhile to compare his bio with Pelosi’s bio. You get a snapshot of the two parties right there.

  2. We should all do some crumbcake or fried chicken with bread-crumb coating to celebrate the crumbs we’re getting. More crumbs, please!

  3. It’s weird how the big profits gained by huge corporations seem to be trickling down to the pockets of ordinary workers and taxpayers. If only there were some theory of economics to explain it.

  4. We just got back from visiting friends in Jamaica. The husband is an executive with a company that has a call center based there that employs 2500 people. As he drove us from the airport we passed a van with a large company logo emblazoned on its side. “That’s one of our biggest competitors,” my friend said.

    “But they’re not even in your industry, how are they a competitor?” I asked.

    “We compete with them for employees here.”

  5. It seems Pelosi went on the House floor today & praised the illegal aliens the media has decided to call “dreamers,” and their illegal alien parents.
    Utterly clueless. It is as though she does not realize that her position as a lawmaker is ludicrous if laws are not enforced or people do not obey the law.

  6. It’s not about effective legislation or even sensible solutions. It’s about looking as if you care, to the people who only care about looks. More succinctly:

    “We gotta protect our phony-baloney jobs!”

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