Skeeze For Thee But Not For We

A friend of the blog writes

Can #metoo now remove her from the council for sexual misconduct, please?

I think one of the offshoots of the Franken controversy is that the DFL is now giving its own people outside the presidency  a pass on sexual harassment.

But t’s Amy Brendemoen – the City Councilor last known for shutting down a successful restaurant in the city-owned Como Pavilion to give the lease to friends of hers (whose high-gloss concept restaurant closed last fall).

And she’s upset, now, about cheerleaders:

After watching the Super Bowl Sunday night, St. Paul city council member Amy Brendmoen took to Facebook to vent her annoyance at seeing bikini-clad cheerleaders rush the field with players.

“Once again, when are we going to address the cheerleading scene in pro sports?” she asked her friends and followers, intending to stir conversation.

She included an upskirt selfie of a U of M cheerleader as evidence.

Will anything happen?

It’s Chicago.  Saint Paul on the Mississippi.  What do you think?

16 thoughts on “Skeeze For Thee But Not For We

  1. Very nice of her to de-sexualize the cheerleader by dominating the picture with her outraged mug.

  2. I always do a search for pictures of leftists in topics like this one and Amy doesn’t disappoint. She looks exactly like the type of lefty that would complain about better looking women acting better looking.

  3. St. Paul residents complain about snow plowing, worst in the metro. If only there were someone on the city council who would take an interest in DOING HER DAMNED JOB.

    After she’s done slut-shaming U of M students, of course. Priorities, you know.

  4. Every Saturday morning, I look forward to the feature Last Week in Pictures on the excellent Powerline Blog.

    The feature always ends with a photo of an incredibly sexy girl with a gun because there is nothing more sexy and more inclined to make a liberal’s head explode than a girl with a gun.

    However, we must admit – this is SEXIST. So to address this issue, Powerline is now publishing a photo of a sexy man with a gun in addition to the sexy girl with a gun.

    I am sure AMMO GRRL approves.

    Now that is how to solve a problem.

  5. “I guess I was surprised. It seemed too old-school, something so part of the past and not where we are today in terms of women as athletes, women as equals,” she said of watching the game on Sunday. “It’s just so silly for me.”
    Uh . . . women are not the equal of men as athletes.
    What would Brendmoen do to get women on the football field? Have a bunch of dowdy hags wander around aimlessly during a time out?

  6. The whole football thing is problematic, isn’t it?
    You have steroid-addled alpha males thumping each other to gain territory, while they are cheered on by scantily-clad women at the age of peak fertility.
    Three thousand years have gone by and we are still fighting the Trojan War.

  7. I went to college with a former high school cheerleader who pointed out that what you’re looking at there are technically not “undies”, but rather a cover specifically designed to protect a girl’s modesty, and it’s worth noting that good quality leotards, athletic wear, swimsuits, and the like also have a second layer of fabric in critical areas to obscure the countours below. So give her a rebuke not just for the upskirt photo, but also for having no clue about the basic construction of the garments in her own wardrobe.

  8. I think it is worth noting that this whining about cheerleaders is part of a larger effort to remove good looking girls from view in general. And, indeed, taking their jobs away. Coming soon to a sport near you.

    I expect a movement in high schools over the next few years to completely drop cheerleaders. For our own good.

  9. jdm – cheering implies rooting for someone to win in a competition, and that is anathema to liberals running our schools these days.

    They are anti-competition in all things; they want you to surrender without a fight.

  10. Let’s also put this in perspective. In the left’s eyes, when a liberal woman shows everything she has to the whole world in a movie, that’s women’s empowerment, even if (per Keira Knightley’s comments about movie scripts) she happens to be being raped, theatrically speaking.

    On the flip side, if a woman of unknown political persuasions shows far less on a football field, and is not being raped, theatrically or otherwise, that’s oppression of women.

  11. Not off topic, I hope:
    It’s a study about the pay gap between men and women in the rideshare biz.
    Women make less than men, both per hour and in the aggregate. It is all choice driven, no space for sexism since the algorithm that matches drivers with riders is driven by a gender-neutral algorithm.
    Basically the conclusion is that typically the male ride share drivers are more aggressive about making money than the female ride share drivers.

    This suggests that, as the gig economy grows and brings more flexibility in employment, women’s relatively high opportunity cost of non-paid-work time and gender-based preference differences can perpetuate a gender earnings gap even in the absence of discrimination.

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  13. I can hear it now, MP: “I drive just as well as any man but I take home less pay; therefore, the company should make up the difference out of its enormous profits.”

    Alternative solution: “Welcome to Rideshare. We are an equal outcome employer and employ “value pricing” to accomplish it. Your driver is female; therefore, a “diversity” supplement has been added to your bill. Thank you for your support.”

  14. The Uber driver pay inequity topic has been discussed on Uber posting site I frequent. The general consensus, voiced by both genders, is that one of the primary reasons for the “pay gap” is because many women do not drive during one of the most lucrative times: weekend evenings, because they do not want to deal with drunk assholes hitting on them.

    The only people to blame are the drunk assholes.

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