When You See That Nauseatingly Cutesy Rebecca Otto Video…

…just mention this article, or paste the link in the comments if you can.

And then if you’re a member of any of these unions…:

  • AFSCME Council 5
  • AFSCME Council 65
  • Duluth FirePAC
  • Education MN
  • IBEW Local 292
  • IBEW State Council Local 49
  • Operating Engineers
  • MAPE Minnesota
  • AFL-CIO Minnesota
  • International Association of Fire Fighters Local 21
  • Minnesota Nurses Association
  • Minnesota State Building & Construction Trade
  • Minnesota State Council of Unite Here Unions
  • SEIU Mn State Council Pol Fund
  • Sheet Metal Workers PAC #10
  • State Council of Machinists
  • Teamsters
  • UAW MN State CAP Council

…why not ask your leadership why they support her?

2 thoughts on “When You See That Nauseatingly Cutesy Rebecca Otto Video…

  1. Have to wonder, why is the guy bitch’n about them using non-union labor at below prevailing wage rates, when HE was the non-union labor they were using.

    On one hand, I believe that two individuals ought to be able to come to mutual agreement as to what work is worth, regardless of union scale (or government minimums for that matter.) On the other hand, I am against gaming the system to hide payments from the state, in order to preserve “safety net” payments from the state (aka fraud).

  2. Loren,

    I think it was more of trying to illustrate a hypocritical democrat using non-union labor. Illustrating them getting away with slapping the collective face of one of their biggest constituencies and pocketbooks. I can’t imagine Bill Jungbauer has any moral problem with using non-union labor in any industry.

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