Empirical Data

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

6,500 Minnesota State Fair goers answered a survey.  They demand:

 Higher gas taxes

Higher sales taxes

More gun control

More college subsidies

More sick leave


Student privacy

 They hate:

 Restrooms designated by sex

Talking on cell phones

Non-partisan elections

Legislators setting their own salaries

 There are 5 million Minnesotans who did NOT vote in this survey.  Do you think their wishes will be considered?  Or is the fix already in?

 Joe Doakes

With Minnesota bureaucrats, the fix is always in.

7 thoughts on “Empirical Data

  1. Geesh, you could ask those people if the gov’t should give free unicorns to everyone and they would say “yes”.
    But seriously…..60% to 30% say businesses and schools (and we assume private schools) have to allow men to shower with girls. This is the kind of state that votes for f*ckups like Mark Dayton and Crazy Al Franken.

  2. Whoa! You mean that when you take a poll of people in the Twin Cities who can afford to take a day off for the State Fair, you get results that look really similar to what you’d expect of Democrats?

    Shocker, that. It’s like teachers in the metro might be likely to spend one of their last free days there or something.

  3. 6,500 out of 5,000,000. That is indeed a very scientifically significant sample size… for people who believe that 2,000 years (I am beign VERY generous here) out of 4,540,000,000 represent a significant indicator of AGW activity.

  4. JPA, hell nowadays, a sample size of 500 out of a voting population of over 100,000,000 is considered a good indicator of who will be the next president.

    Polls and pollsters roundly suck.

  5. Sample selection is the problem. First how was the survey administered? Was there a booth for the legislature that one had to enter to take the survey? So if you are a citizen, who prefers to keep as much distance from the thieves in the legislature and your wallet as possible, you may never enter the booth to take the survey.

  6. Actually, JPA, it’s more like 135 years out of 4.5 billion that they use as a scientifically significant example, as that was about the time thermometers came into use. “This is the hottest year ever!…” really only means since 1880.

  7. “It’s not who CASTS the votes, it’s who COUNTS the votes.” Anybody particularly trust our Lege to accurately report public opinion when they routinely ignore it otherwise?

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