War Is Declared, And Battle Come Down

After a showy but shallow “filibuster”, the Democrats in the Senate moved a bill that would have allowed the government to strip your gun rights (among others) without due process or any means of knowing one was on the list, much less how to get off it.

The orcs of the gun grabber movement put out their calls to their minions.

The Real Americans of the Second Amendment called the good guys to turn out, via phone and email.

The good guys won.  For now.

We Real Americans have made a lot of progress in the past 30 years.  And for all that, we are one SCOTUS decision, one bad election, away from returning to the hell of the seventies.

3 thoughts on “War Is Declared, And Battle Come Down

  1. it didn’t hurt that the NRA called 3 times to remind me

    In the past when I’ve called the Democrat/droog on the other end always trys to hurry you through the call when they realize you aren’t on their side

    This time I took the tack with both Senators that the issue was not gun control it really was whether or not LGBT citizens should be allowed to defend themselves – the droog was interested because the LGBT are big fund raisers in addition to being a solid voting block.

    And the truth is whatever differences I may have with that community, they ARE citizens and they DO have the right to defend themselves.

  2. A lot of GLBT eyes were opened by Orlando. and the political response putting Muslims ahead of everybody else. On my personal Facebook page, I offered GLBT new gun owners free tips and training: no moralizing, no politics, no fee, just safety and accuracy.

    A friend asked me why I did that, since I’ve not been noticeably pro-gay in the past. Simple: I’m not a Gay-Rights supporter, I’m a Gun-Rights supporter, and that makes gun safety more important than sexual orientation.

    The last thing we need is a GLBT new gun buyer getting hurt for lack of training to generate an anti-gun media circus.

  3. And for all that, we are one SCOTUS decision, one bad election, away from returning to the hell of the seventies.

    I’m going to be very upset at the #NeverTrump crowd if Hillary wins. It will be identical to the evangelicals staying home in 2012 because they couldn’t handle a Mormon in the White House.

    The alternative has been SO much better.

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