Lie First, Lie Always: Audio Carnage

Andrew Rothman of the Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance was apparently on WCCO yesterday.  “Protect” MN put out an email blast for its badly-informed chanting point bots to call in – which I doubt worked especially well.


I was extraordinarily busy over the weekend, so I didn’t get a chance to listen.

But “Protect” MN’s email blasts are always low entertainment (emphasis added):

Dear Heinrich

Mr. Rothman is one of the most vorciferous

advocates for the gun lobby in our state.

And Nancy Nord Bence is one of the most vociferously bad spellers in Minnesota public life.

He makes his living teaching Permit to Carry classes and representing the most extreme views of the NRA at the Capital

No.  No, he does not.  He earns his living in a day job like the rest of us.

This is the level of accuracy one expects from “Protect” MN.

I may just listen to the podcast for the carnage.

4 thoughts on “Lie First, Lie Always: Audio Carnage

  1. One of the biggest reasons to get rid of the estate tax is that the left has really done a great job figuring out how to hijack foundations like the Joyce Foundation, enabling charlatans like Ms. Martens and Mrs. Bence to practice their craft without needing to earn a living. They do a tremendous amount of harm that way–I don’t think that the Joyce patriarch would have approved of this any more than Henry Ford would approve of a lot of what the Ford Foundation does.

  2. how to hijack foundations like the Joyce Foundation
    hell take a hard look at the State Arts Board, COMPAS, etc the left owns them and that’s taxpayer money.

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