3 thoughts on “The Rant I Wish I’d Written

  1. Speaking of good rants, here’s one from a headstone:

    God wills us free, man wills us slaves.
    I will as God wills Gods will be done.

    Here lies the body of John Jack,
    A native of Africa who died March 1773,
    aged about 60 years.

    Tho born in a land of slavery, He was born free.
    Tho he lived in a land of liberty, He lived as a slave,
    Till by his honest, tho stolen labors,
    He acquired the source of slavery.
    Which gave him his freedom,
    Tho not long before,
    Death the grand tyrant,
    Gave him his final emancipation,
    And set him on a footing with kings.
    Tho a slave to vice,
    He practised those virtues,
    Without which kings are but slaves.

  2. It’s nice to read something like that from a guy who hasn’t surrendered his testicles.

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