The Racism Of The Gun Grabbers: Part MMMXLVIII

I’ve had the occasional liberal complain to me that I’m being overly broad when I say that all gun control efforts are rooted in racism.

Why yes, of course, gun control’s history is rooted in the ongoing effort to disarm black slaves, freedmen, and citizens from colonial times through the Jim Crow era.

And yes, modern gun control was launched as a white liberal response to the inner-city riots of 1968.

“But surely things have changed”, they say.

Surely they have not; the secret committee that issues carry permits in Illinois, with no review and no accountability, is denying permits to law-abiding black people at a rate vastly higher than white Illinoisans (Illinosians?  Illlinoids?):

One such example, Michael Thomas was puzzled that as a former Air Force reservist who routinely carried a gun during military service and has never had a run-in with the law, was turned down, even though the law does not afford police the discretion to deny permits to those who meet the prerequisites and who are not legally prohibited. But Thomas is just one of more than 800 people who have been denied licenses by the board. This board meets behind closed doors and keeps its records and reasoning secret. Even when applicants meet all the criteria, the board says they have no obligation to explain themselves… even when it seems clear that the only disqualifying factor is the color of the applicant’s skin.

Thomas wrote to the Illinois State Police, requesting a review of the decision, assuming that it must have been a mistake.

“I have never been arrested or convicted of any offense, either misdemeanor or felony, in the state of Illinois or any other state,” Thomas explained in his letter. “I have no criminal record of any type.”

The state police sent him a letter back, saying that the board’s decisions couldn’t be reviewed. Thomas, they explained would have to petition a court in order to appeal.

Fortunately, guns remain the one area where the the tide of liberty is rising, and all boats are being lifted: 

So that’s what Thomas did. He joined 193 other Illinoisans – many of whom happen to be African Americans – in filing lawsuits against the state police. Interestingly, few Caucasians who applied for the permit in Illinois have found themselves denied, even when their records are a bit more tarnished (though without felonies), than Thomas’s squeaky-clean background.

It’d be unseemly for a Second Amendment supporter to deny a state – even a state as patriarchal and authoritarian as Illinois – its’ Tenth Amendment rights to administer laws reserved to it the way its elected representatives decide.

Unless, of course, the 14th Amendment is being piddled on.

Here’s hoping this case has the same impact as Heller and McDonald.


8 thoughts on “The Racism Of The Gun Grabbers: Part MMMXLVIII

  1. Illinoisans (Illinosians? Illlinoids?)

    It is Illinoisans, but Illinoids seems more apt in this instance.

  2. Nothing is more racist than a white northern liberal. Ask Clarence Thomas.

  3. Illinoisans (Illinosians? Illlinoids?)

    I always thought it was FIBs.

  4. Sharpton and Jackson to storm the Police HQ to protest racism in four… three… two… oh… never mind…

  5. “Illini”, unless you ask the NCAA. :^)

    Figures. It also strikes me that if I were, say, a criminal defense attorney in the state, I’d be playing this one to the hilt. “Now we don’t know exactly WHO is doing these reviews, but we know from this lawsuit’s existence that SOMEONE in that office is discriminating against black people in carry permits. Now why on earth should we believe these BIGOTED police officers when it comes to evidence against my client?”

    I bet it would get a few jury members in some cases…..and should.

  6. Bikebubba, they might be looking at the possibility that the applicant may be a straw purchaser. Do the applicants who were denied have family members or persons residing with them who are felons? I could see how that could be a problem that might affect more Blacks than whites.

  7. Two problems with that logic, Mingo. First of all, the straw purchaser risk has already been assessed with his FOID–firearms owners ID. So if they’ve got evidence he’s a straw purchaser, let’s prosecute it the old fashioned way. Second, the critieria for police objection are “danger to self or others.” Not straw purchases.

    My guess here is that if you plot out the rejections, you will see a strong correlation to Cook County and the city of Chicago trying to slow-walk permits.

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