Kevin Williamson came out with an excellent piece this past week, comparing transit policy to “progressive” policy on education (and, for that matter, firearms, although Williamson doesn’t connect the Second Amendment to his thesis.  Which is fine – that’s what I’m here for).  Our current school and transit systems are largely designed by the “haves” – people with power as much as money – to foist upon the “have nots”.  That’s why superhighways and transit lines always run through lower-income, usually ethnic neighborhoods – and why schools in minority areas are disproportionally awful.

Transit – like education – is sort of a “powerful person’s burden”.

Along those same lines, a neighbor emailed me some observations about some of our local potentates rolling up their sleeves (and pant cuffs) to take to the frozen streets by bus to…well, hit the taxpayer up to fill in the money pit a little more:

I happened to see on Twitter that some legislators are using transit this week. Said one, “transit users are less stressed.” He’s not interacting with the same transit passengers that I interact with!

On their tweets, they all look a bit too happy to be real transit riders, too. They definitely aren’t interacting with the people on the bus at all, or they wouldn’t be smiling. Like the Pulp song “Common People” that I learned about after William Shatner covered it- “I said pretend you’ve got no money, She just laughed and said, “Oh you’re so funny.” I said “Yeah? Well I can’t see anyone else smiling in here.”

For fun and games, see tweets with hashtag howweroll.

It reminds me of those pix of Senators Franken and Klobuchar, and Congresspeople McCollum and Ellison, and Representative Martens, riding the train…

…back on that long, slow opening day last June, looking all Jane Goodall “Peasants in the Mist”, smiling like they’re worried Kim Jong Il (or Greta Bergstrom, pardon the redundancy) are going to feed them to hungry dogs if they don’t smile hard enough.

6 thoughts on “Deigning

  1. One of the last Minneapolis bus rides I had was in the late 70s. It was down by 7th and Hennepin. A bum got on the bus. The driver stopped him before he put his fair in the bubblegum machine. They had words. The bum exited the bus. A lady passenger cursed at the bus driver and told him that he should have let him on. The bus driver told her, in a voice loud enough for all to hear (I’m paraphrasing): “Lady, that guy had shit his pants. I’ll let him on, but only if you let him sit next to you.”
    Silence from the crusader for human rights, then polite applause from the other passengers.

  2. It’s as if the only thing of importance to the Democrat is the ‘optics’. Oh, that’s right, that is the only thing that’s important. The fact that people would likely choose any another means of transport (or schools. or restrooms. or etc.) than the ‘public’ offering if they had a choice means nothing to them or their Democrat Party Dominated Media Culture (DPDMC) Narrative Coordinators.
    Helps explain why the DPDMC is bewildered by the fiasco. They are stuck between “hmm, this looks bad for Hillary ’16!” and “the Rethuglicans did it to” response instead of calling for law enforcement to show up at the Clinton Mansion with shotgun toting US Marshalls armed with handcuffs, search warrants, evidence boxes and raincoats to put over heads of any and all persons in the residence as they are frog-marched to the backseat of a Crown Vic.
    PS: I bet ‘Slap & Tickle Bill’ has adequate supplies of handcuffs.

  3. Powhatan beat me to it. They’re smiling because they’re riding it before it got all cruddy.

  4. The fact that most people would choose transport other than the public option may or may not be lost on the politicians. If they are really interacting with their carless constituents, they may hear people on the bus say the same thing I often hear, “If I had a car, I wouldn’t put up with this.” Of course, apparent from #howwerollMN tweets, if they do hear that, they take that to mean more funding for transit is needed. What should be more obvious is that instead of wasting their time on transit, they should be working on reducing all of the taxes and restrictions that make it difficult to do business in Minnesota. That way, their constituents might have options for moving up to better paying jobs and be able to afford a car.

  5. Its like liberals who support open borders. They go to specialists, not the emergency rooms choked with illegals who don’t pay. Their kids go to pricey private schools, not the urban school flooded with undocumented foreigners who don’t speak English.

  6. If the public had to pay the full cost of light rail, they wouldn’t ride the choo-choo. But, that would defeat the purpose of the subsidy, wouldn’t it?

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