Orwell Would Puke…

,,,at this proposal, from the usual assortment of Metrocrat hamsters.  It may be the worst anti-gun bill, and the most toxic attack on civil liberty, in recent years.

It would essentially allow any cop or domestic violence victim to claim you brandished a firearm and have the authorities remove all firearms from your house and person.

Without even a hint of due process.

I say again; without even a plaintive whiff of due process.

Now, this bill is DOA in the House; Tony Cornish, a legislator who makes Ted Nugent look like Oprah Winfrey on Second Amendment issues, is chair of the Public Safety Committee; the DFL may as well deliver the bill directly to the paper shredder.

So why do it at all?

Politics:  Because Ron “Did You Know I Went To Harvard?” Latz is running the show in the Senate public safety committee, so it’s pretty much guaranteed a floor vote.  Which means a bunch of GOP senators will be on the record with “no” votes, which will be dutifully relayed during the 2016 campaign as “Senator X voted to give firearms to domestic abusers and people who threatened cops!” by the Alliance for a “Better” Minnesota.

That’s my two cents worth, of course; I have no doubt that Ron Latz would love to send SWAT teams to the home of every law-abiding gun owner on principle, but the political realities don’t support it right now.

We’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE: GOCRA is taking this bill very seriously, and so should you:

Everyone has moments in life where things seem hopeless. A death in the family, a job loss, PTSD from military service, a divorce… Responsible gun owners know that a doctor or psychologist can help. But this bill would encourage doctors to trick you into signing away your rights!

Imagine: there you are. You’re hurting. You go see a professional. He listens, then says he can help. He gives you a pile of forms to sign. Buried among them is a form created by this bill — one that puts you on the NICS no-buy list. “Voluntarily.”

Call your legislator. Tell them this bill needs to be killed with fire.

5 thoughts on “Orwell Would Puke…

  1. Mitch, any thoughts about the St Paul PP article on DFL ward 1 caucus? The Party Leaders say that they think people from Minneapolis were there to vote. Evidence? A large number of the attendees had dark skin and appeared to be of east African origin.

    Yes, we say this a lot, but….imagine the screams if Republican leadership said there were too many dark skinned people at one of their caucuses.

  2. Doesn’t this kind of thing go both ways? Estranged couple accuse one another of domestic violence, both lose their guns and ability to purchase replacements.
    This is the kind of thing that needs to be resolved in the federal courts. I have it on good authority that we don’t allow people to vote on civil rights.

  3. We’re going to establish a register of people who voluntarily put their names on the NCIS background check list so they can’t buy guns from dealers but there’s no easy way to get off the list, the Commissioner will think of something?

    “All freshmen pledging to Omega Mu Gamma Sorority must renounce violence by putting their name on the list.” Sign me up, like totally.

    Ten years later: “I’m sorry, ma’am, your application for a permit to buy a pistol was denied because you signed the OMG pledge. You can submit an application to remove your name along with fingerprints, a background check, character references and $1,000 fee but it takes 6-8 weeks for processing. Tough luck about that stalker boyfriend killing your dog. Have you considered fleeing the state?”

  4. When I was a divorce lawyer, it was common practice for wives to seek an Ex Parte Order for Protection to get custody, support and possession of the house, basically a quickie uncontested divorce. There were volunteer advocates to coach her what to say and monitors who kept track of which judges were “hostile to women.” Judges handed out OFPs like Kleenex. Now we can get his guns, too. Sweet.

  5. It strikes me that this would be far less harmful if we punished perjury–an allegation of domestic violence made without evidence, for example. But we don’t, so yes, this is really nasty.

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